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Hi, my name is Chris, iam 26y old and i came from Scotland to get my treatment done from LBR dental and implant center, Hyderabad. I got my full lower jaw implants done and zirconia crowns fixed on both the jaws. The procedure was pain free as your mouth is numbed using anaesthetic shots.nice people, the work done by Dr.reddy has been top rate, love my smile and it is well worth the money. thanks to mr n mrs reddy for their quality job and dedicated service,i recommend Dr.reddy to every one out there who are in need of dental treatment.

Christopher Stevenson (Scotland)

Lbr dental and implant center,provided an efficient and professional service.I was very nervous going into the implant treatment as i had to undergo full mouth replacement on implants but the implant procedure was not as traumatic as i assumed it to be,at every level i was treated with care,Dr.Reddy is incredibly talented helpful and well performed,now i have a full set of Zirconia teeth fixed firmly in my mouth and i can eat anything in a short span of three days.The place is very pleasant and the staff is very helpful.Iam delighted to recommend Dr. Reddy as an expert dentist.

Renat Alimova (Australia)

Great competent doctor, took care of all my dental needs with pricision, very reasonably priced, valued package, will get more for the money u pay. Product or level of servicing is absolutely amazing. If you are looking for recommendation, I am giving it to you right now, give him a call right now, talk to him and make up your mind, his name is Dr.K.A.Reddy. thank you for reading my testimonial.

Brian Storm (Los Angeles,USA)

I am scared of going to a dentist, after waiting for so long to attend to the worsening condition of my teeth, I found Dr.Reddys website and his procedure was what i was looking for and i had to take the leap of faith. After enduring manageable pain and discomfort i finally got my new set of teeth. Thanks Dr reddy, you r the man!

Jo Harry Othman (Malaysia)

Having just completed my treatment by Dr.Reddy at Lbr dental and implant center,i want to express my glory.i cant thank him enough for working on me and reach my goal of a beautiful smile by replacing all my lowers on implants and full set of zirconia capping done on the uppers,Dr.Reddy is a kind and caring person who explained my treatment plan very patiently,i felt good knowing what he was going to do and what was next after each step.iam very pleased with the outcome,i loved the technology and the friendly staff.

Mrs. Tatyana (Newzealand)

This is the best dental office i had been to. Clinic is very clean and neat . Dr .K.A.Reddy is very friendly and explained my situation very well and as he promised he did hid job on time. Its indeed my good fortune i came here.I got beautiful teeth to smile without any pain , he was just talking to me and he finished it off. I feel good and with pleasure i suggest this clinic to everyone.


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    Dr. K. A. Reddy

    Conservative Dentist and Endodontist. Certified Implantologist.
    MDS (OSM), Fellow (ICOI) the USA

    Dr.K.Sharada Reddy

    Dental Surgeon & Certified Oro Maxillo Facial Cosmetologist
    MDS (OSM), Fellow (ICOI) the USA

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