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Cost of Full mouth rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is indicated when maximum number of teeth of a person require correction or replacement with the help of a set of procedures which will be tailored to specific needs of the patients. This is apart from the full mouth reconstruction of teeth on implants where all the teeth in the upper arch, lower arch or the entire full mouth set of teeth are damaged beyond repair or also in cases where the person is facing hardships due to ill fitting dentures and is looking for fixed full mouth replacement of teeth on Implants.

Suitable candidate for a full mouth rehabilitation

  1. Collapsed bite due to excessively worn out teeth.
  2. Multiple missing teeth.
  3. Badly infected teeth.
  4. Gum disease.
  5. Previous failed implants.

Full mouth rehabilitation does not necessary mean removal of all teeth and replacing them on implants as not all the damaged teeth require extraction, few can be restored in form and function, with the help of root canal treatments, crowns or Laser flap surgery in case of teeth with gum diseases.

Factors that govern the cost of fullmouth rehabilitation on implants

  1.  Number of teeth that have to be removed.
  2. Severity of the bone loss -This Plays a major role as in cases with good jaw bone, full mouth rehabilitation can be achieved using simple technique and regular sized implants, but the real problem arises when there is not enough bone. In such cases bone augmentation might be suggested at some centers to meet the requirement.
  3. Additional surgeries- In cases with long standing infection, along with the damage of the jaw bone, anatomic structures like the sinus Pneumatizes making it difficult for placement of atleast a minimum available length of implant in that area. In such cases, additional surgical procedures like sinus lifts and bone grafts are indicated in he upper jaw and in the lower jaw, the nerve that is usually present at the base of the jaw bone resurfaces due to bone loss, making it difficult for implant placement, this is when complicated nerve repositioning surgery is recommended by few implantologists.
  4. Number of implants used- In the case of replacement of teeth with Conventional implants it is either – ALL ON 4 or ALL ON 6 In full mouth reconstructions using Basal implants, it is around 8-10 implants in the upper jaw and 6-8 implants in the lower jaw depending on the requirement.
  5. Duration of the treatment- Sinus lifts, bone grafts, nerve repositioning techniques, when implemented prolongs the treatment time and multiplies the cost.
  6. Type of prosthesis – Acrylic dentures and not ceramic bridges will be preferred in a “ALL on 4” technique and – It is either Ceramic (PFM) or DMLS or Zirconia on “All ON 6” or Basal Implants and the type of  frame work, that is the Cobalt chromium or Titanium also influences the cost of the treatment.
  7. Expertise of the performing implantologist, the procedure when performed by an experienced implantologist will make the entire experience easy and comfortable for you with very minimal chances of error at a little extra cost.
  8. Location of the implant center, Cost of the dental treatment will be lower in Asian countries when compared to European counter parts.

COST of full mouth rehabilitation at LBR Dental and Implant Center.

We at LBR Dental and Implant Center under the able guidance of our Chief implantologist, Dr. K.A Reddy who has expertise in placing both Basal and Conventional implants will help you choose the Implant system that suits your bone type. He is one among the very few implantologist around the world who manages both the systems with equal ease.

We believe in conservative approach and try to save the damaged teeth with other treatment modalities rather than removing them and extract only those teeth that are damaged beyond repair and replace them by placing implants.

We do not believe in subjecting the patient to additional traumatic surgeries like sinus lifts, nerve repositioning and Bone grafting there by making it affordable and less traumatic to the patient. We also provide immediate restoration of teeth in less than a week days on Conventional (ALL ON 6) and Basal implants. Full mouth rehabilitation at our center is 80% less when compared to other countries like U.S, Australia and European countries and also is reasonably priced when compared to other centers in India.

We do not charge for the teeth removal and other diagnostic procedures like OPG x ray and CBCT Scan which is taken to access the quality of the bone better.

We provide complimentary airport transfers and help you in getting a medical visa by providing necessary documents, A single visit of a 10 days is what is required to get a healthy smile of your choice.

How to access the best plan

Every person is unique and so is their treatment plan. If in case of complete reconstruction of teeth on implants in regular bone type, we do “All on 4”, “All on 6” using the Conventional implants and if the bone type does not permit Conventional two piece implants we opt for Basal implants. In highly resorbed cases instead of subjecting the patient to additional surgeries and long waiting periods and placing the implants in the unreliable grafted bone, we utilize the strong native Pterygoid bone and Zygoma bone to place Tuberopterygoid implants, Zygoma implants in the upper arch and use nerve bypass technique in the lower arch to rehabilitate teeth immediately without giving any distal cantilever extension of teeth.

consultationcomplimentary$ 50$110$110
CBCT SCAN and OPG x raycomplimentary$100$380$380
Teeth Removal (for 8 teeth)complimentary$300$1480$1480
Bone grafting (per arch)we utilize patients native bone to place implants$ 200$750$750
IV Sedation$100$150$ 400$300
18 single piece implants
(full mouth rehabilitation)
$ 6,300$ 7,200not practised in US, UK and AUSTRALIA_______
12 two piece conventional implants with Multi unit abutments$ 4340$ 5,200$ 30,000$ 25,660
6 Root canals$ 500$ 600$ 3600$ 3100
zirconia Nexxzr ( 28 teeth )$ 4,000$7330$36000$ 32000
Airfare to HYDERABAD$ 1500______  
Local transportscomplimentary$200  
Hotel stay$30 to 100/day______  
TOTALOn an average it will cost around $8,000 to $9000 for full mouth rehabilitation with the best set of teeth at LBR Dental and Implant center.On an average it is $12000 to $13500 at other clinics in India.Around $ 70,000 to $80,000Will be saving around $55,000 to $60000

By Skipping Sinus lifts and Bone grafting one is only losing the pain and discomfort associated with it. Opt for Immediate loading Full mouth rehabilitation at LBR Dental and implant center and can save around 53000 to 60000 USD when compared to US and 3000 to 4000 USD, When compared to other clinics in India. We provide quality treatment at affordable prices. A single visit of 10 days is required to get a smile of your choice. This is specially suitable for overseas patients who are not able to take time out of their busy schedules for multiple sittings and also for those looking for reliable and affordable treatment options.

If you want to know the cost of full mouth rehabilitation in your case, please fill in the contact form, or whatsapp us on : 9849008623, we will get in touch with you at the earliest.


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