TILTED implants

Indebted to the revolution in medical science and technology, people are living longer, resulting in increased life expectancy but however, the prevalence of edentulous condition had a negative influence on the nature of life as denture wearing patients were unsatisfied because of the not very stable removable dental prosthesis.

Owing to the mechanical and anatomic difficulties,fixed teeth on implants in atrophic jaws posed an enormous challenge as,the maxillary sinus floor augmentation is not universally established considering its complexity and uncertainty.

The introduction of tilted implants has transformed the field of implant dentistry as it was correlated with reckonable results. It is a viable alternative to bone augmentation and sinus lift procedure in the posterior region of atrophied jaws as,they overcome the anatomic limitations there by indicating immediate loading fixed rehabilitation and contributed to establish higher quality standards in Implantology.

The title TILTED implants indicate to implants which are positioned at an inclination of 30° or more with regard to vertically or axially placed implants.

The justification for using inclination in the implants is to bring down the cantilever length and there by providing superior weight distribution of the prosthesis and also optimise the anterior posterior span of implants thereby improving,cortical anchorage and primary stability.

Benefits of TILTED implants

They include both prosthetic and surgical benefits :-

  1. Longer implants are used which multiplies the osseo-integration surface and promotes primary stability.
  2. By anchoring in more than one cortical layer,they provide additional anchorage.
  3. They avoid extremities in cantilevers as they are placed distally.
  4. Promote superior load distribution on the arch.
  5. Help avoid bone grafts and sinus lift procedures there by resulting in decreased morbidity.
  6. Reduced treatment time and cost factor.
  7. Increased patient compliance.
  8. Safe and convincing treatment that provides immediate fixed replacement of teeth.

So say goodbye to the ill filling removable dentures for good, missing teeth can be now restored permanently using multiple available treatment options.

‘’All on 4’’

This is the most economical graftless solution that benefits patients with severe bone loss with a fixed prosthesis. Introduced in 1990’s to rehabilitate edentulous upper and lower jaws,This is a treatment option where in all the teeth are replaced permanently on just 4 implants, they are spread towards the distal side of the jaw with a purposeful angulation upon which permanent prosthesis is screwed.


  • Immediate loading
  • No bone grafts required
  • Cost effective
  • Screw retained prosthesis which can easily be removed and fitted back when required

‘’All on 6’’

It is a variation of “All on 4 Technique”. If you are considering a better option for fixed replacement of teeth on implants then ‘’ All on 6’’ is a viable solution.

This technique is meant for jaws that require complete rehabilitation where in,6 implants are fastened in very definite locations in each of the arches to contribute a trapezoid force that facilitates attachment of fixed bridge on to them. Placing 6 implants not only contributes to increased stability but also decreases the risk of failure


Minimal surgical intervention and treatment time.

  • Immediate loading technique
  • No bone grafts required
  • Economical
  • Teeth in a day

‘’All On 8’’

This is a perfect solution for full mouth rehabilitation on implants and consists of placing 8 implants in each arch which act as an anchor for a fixed screwable prosthesis,provides a stable long term solution for fixed replacement and is suitable for all bone conditions. More the number of implants,the more stable will be the prosthesis.


  • Evaluation of the oral cavity and determination of the site using diagnostic procedures like panorex and CT scan.
  • Extraction of teeth if any.
  • Placement of 4/6/8 implants in each arch, depending on the requirement.
  • Fabrication of fixed prosthesis after making the impressions.
  • Fixation of final prosthesis.


There is not much difference in the treatment process of above mentioned 3 techniques as,all the above procedures contribute to immediate fixed replacement solution to people suffering with removable dentures, the only difference being the number of implants placed which is influenced by the quality and quantity of the available bone and the prosthesis required.

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