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Mr. Herald Enders


After a year of researching many places, checking the procedures and cost all over, I decided to come over to lbr dental as I found Dr. Reddy to be very experienced and most economical, he is the only one doctor who promised me treatment in one single visit without doing sinus elevation surgery. I had a full upper arch and 6 teeth replacement on the implants in the lower in the stipulated time period. Dont worry about going to a foreign nation for the treatment, you just have to book your tickets and board the flight, be assured their team will take care of the remaining, right from picking you from the airport, arranging local transports till they drop you back at the airport. Dr. Reddy is a master and loves his work, happy with the final outcome and would love to recommend him to anyone who is considering dental treatment of any kind.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Virginia, USA

Hello I am Mr. Carlos from Virginia USA. I was having lot of problems with my teeth, they were chipping off and bite was not normal, When I was looking in the internet to fix my teeth issues I came across LBR DENTAL & IMPLANT CENTER in India. When I enquired with Dr. K.  A. Reddy about the full mouth reconstruction treatment procedure and cost, the response was prompt and genuine, I have sent few x rays and pictures of mine to Dr. Reddy to understand my situation he immediately replied to my mail with definite treatment and best quote which I could afford. In total I had 4 Basal implants, 7 Root canal treatments and full mouth Zirconia crowns, Endodontist Dr. Sravan was very helpful & did a good job with root canals DR. Reddy and his Staff are highly knowledgeable and kind, apart from the dental work, I have also undergone Blepharoplasty for my Upper Eye Lids, Microblading to enhance my Eyebrows, Botox Treatment for my Wrinkles and also Hydration Fillers to Plump Up Rejuvenate my Skin and Mono Threads for my Sagging Neck, all under one roof and trust me, everything was covered in less than what I expected it to be, I look younger by at least 10 years now. Dr. Reddy is very friendly and efficient at everything he did. Dr. Sharada was gentle with me while doing the cosmetic work and the staff is incredibly friendly, I highly recommend LBR DENTAL & IMPLANT CENTER, Hyderabad, India for everyone who intends to travel India for full mouth reconstruction, it’s a lot cheaper than USA with skillful dentists.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation



I Esang originally from Manila, Philippines but settled in US, After years of constant dental pain and regular visits to dental clinics, reached a point where i wanted a permanent solution for a healthy smile. I did my research and realised that i cannot get it done in US as it is out of my budget, so after several weeks of hesitation decided to leave my comfort zone and travel to India and approached Dr. K. A. Reddy. After initial consultation, Dr. Reddy explained the entire treatment procedure in detail, knowing the process well in advance made me feel at ease, i went through the procedure in a day and my teeth were fixed on the third day, it worked out extremely well. Trust me, i did not make a mistake and it is all worth it.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Jo Harry Othman


I am scared of going to a dentist, after waiting for so long to attend to the worsening condition of my teeth, I found Dr. Reddy website and his procedure was what i was looking for and i had to take the leap of faith. After enduring manageable pain and discomfort i finally got my new set of teeth. Thanks Dr. reddy, you r the man!

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Christopher Stevenson


Hi, my name is Chris, i am 26y old and i came from Scotland to get my treatment done from LBR dental and implant center, Hyderabad. I got my full lower jaw implants done and zirconia crowns fixed on both the jaws. The procedure was pain free as your mouth is numbed using anaesthetic shots. nice people, the work done by Dr. Reddy has been top rate, love my smile and it is well worth the money. thanks to mrs. Reddy for their quality job and dedicated service, i recommend Dr. Reddy to every one out there who are in need of dental treatment.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Renat Alimova


Lbr dental and implant center, provided an efficient and professional service. I was very nervous going into the implant treatment as i had to undergo full mouth replacement on implants but the implant procedure was not as traumatic as i assumed it to be, at every level i was treated with care, Dr. Reddy is incredibly talented helpful and well performed, now i have a full set of Zirconia teeth fixed firmly in my mouth and i can eat anything in a short span of three days. The place is very pleasant and the staff is very helpful. I am delighted to recommend Dr. Reddy as an expert dentist.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Sarah Wesley

United Kingdom

Hi there, I’m Sarah from The Midlands, UK. After many years of research into implants conducted all of very the world, I decided to fly over to Hyderabad and put myself n the capable hands of Dr. Reddy. Even though I was sure he’d do a great job, I was still terribly nervous, especially when he told me that I would be better off going for a full upper arch. My teeth were all loose, I guess I’d just tried to ignore that fact, ever hopeful a miracle would occur. Well miracles do happen, in the form of Dr. Reddy’s knowledge, ability and precision. The removal and implantation process was extremely swift and painless… yes painless! I find it extremely hard to relax in any dentist chair but throughout this process I do believe I had some moments of complete ease and relaxation. I get scared at the sight of dental tools, let alone the sound, so this was quite some achievement. After three days and 3 fittings, I was fitted with my permanent full arch, and I’m thrilled to bits. It makes such a difference to my face, I love it. Regards the whole experience the dental assistants at the surgery were marvellous, very supportive and experienced, as well as being delightfully courteous. Dr Reddy provided his personal driver for airport and clinic runs, and he too was a delight. The whole team, including Dr Reddy’s wife, Dr Sharada, were wonderful, I can’t say any more, other than if you’re thinking ‘should I, shouldn’t I’? Yes you should. I came alone, quite daunting as Hyderabad isn’t really a tourist hotspot, but everything has been taken out of my hands. I’ve had to do nothing for myself, which is certainly an added bonus when undergoing something so major. Thanks again everyone.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

John Cassie

New Zealand

I am a retired Medical Laboratory Scientist from New Zealand. A number of years ago I had all my teeth removed. I decided to have total upper and lower jaws implanted. I have 2 years previously had throat cancer treated with chemotherapy and high dose X-rays. So I new about the possible difficulties of Bone density and thickness. I proceeded to look at the World wide availability of clinics that could and would perform a procedure that would be ideal for my situation. Identical clinics from all corners of the Planet contacted me with procedures material used and of course cost. I decided on looking at these three above options to look forward into LBR DENTAL AND IMPLANT CENTRE after communicating with Dr. Reddy I decided to come to India for the procedure. My son and I have been to a number of places in I India before coming to Hyderabad for the procedure. The procedure as stated took three days. My son and I have been doing the tourist thing during the procedure. Pain for me was not an option and I continued as per usual. The staff and service from LBR has been excellent.. Aseptic techniques and procedures were followed well. (Laboratory experience allows me I think to comment on this). Prophylactic antibiotics and pain relief was part of the procedure. A few days post procedure all is well and we are to Goa for a little holiday before my last check up. At this stage I am happy to recommend Dr. Reddy and his team to any person looking for implants. Long term I can not state, because for me I am just post procedure. PS my over 30 year old son has been treated like a King by all staff while I underwent the procedure.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Linda Morison

Adelaide Australia

Hello everyone my name is Linda Morison and i come from Adelaide Australia. I had been wearing dentures for well over 10 years but they were far from satisfactory. I couldn’t wear the bottom ones are they moved around too much i had heard and read about dental implants but the cost of having this done in Australia was prohibitive. much more than i had therefor i seriously considered getting than done in INDIA. I contacted a few Indian Dental Clinics including Dr. Reddy LBR Clinic, Dr. Reddy was prompt in replying to my emails and once we had agreed on the cost. I decided to go ahead with this, once here i fell in love with India. for me coming from Australia it is a wonderful cultural experience. I have to be honest and tell you the implant procedure is fairly comfortable , I didn’t take pain killers on the second day as there was no much pain The following day there was very little pain. 3 days later and My Teeth were ready and looking Great, everything was completed. I now have fully functioning teeth that look Great!. If you are thinking about doing this, Don’t Hesitate, you wont regret it.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Frank Higgins


Hi, my name is Frank Higgins from the United Kingdom I had been thinking for a while on getting my teeth fixed, After having various issues with my teeth over the years. So i decided to do some research all over the world to find The best clinic around. After looking at numerous places around the globe, decided to come to India and i mailed to different single piece implantologists in India but Dr. Reddy from LBR dental and implant centre was the first to revert back and he seemed very confident and experienced and was also very reasonable enough. I had long conversations with Dr. K.A. REDDY over phone and decided to get treatment at LBR dental, Hyderabad. I was very pleased with my decision as the care and attention i got in Hyderabad it was second to none. I had full mouth with Zirconia crowns all completed in 3 days very satisfied with the final result. The doctor is very friendly and very skilled, he sticked to his quote and also arranged airport and local transfers for me. the centre is very hyegienic and the assistants are very supportive, he even took me out for dinner, do not hesitate to come to LBR dental clinic in hyderabad you will be very pleased by the service you get over here in India.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Mr. Liam


I am Liam from UK. I came here to Dr. Reddy to get my teeth whitened. He suggested me Zoom bleaching which is a very simple and new pearly white teeth have given me more confidence. I smile more now. thank you doctor.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation


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