Permanent Teeth in 3 Days

Globally thousands of people suffer from missing one or more teeth. Missing teeth will have definite consequences on a Persons Oral and Mental health.

If your missing teeth are preventing you from appreciating  simple pleasures of life like, Smiling or Laughing heartily, Talking and having food of your choice, then Permanent teeth in 3 days is what you should opt for. Dental Implants are changing the mindset of the people all over.

No more unreliable Bone grafts or sinus lift complications, no impatient waiting for months, get Permanent Teeth in 3 Days and get back those functioning teeth and no doubts regarding the permanency of the implants that are fixed. Thanks to Dental Implants, you can now have your teeth permanently fixed in no more than just 3 days, through a procedure that is highly comfortable and painless.

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LBR Dental and Facial Aesthetic Center brings great news to anyone who is interested in full mouth rehabilitation. You can now  get a new set of permanent teeth in 3 days fixed, regardless of any of the factors mentioned below:

-Extent of bone loss.

-Presence of residual teeth.

-Presence of Diabetes.

-Previous failed implant procedures or  Dental bone graft failure.


A Revolutionary Evolution of Implants – Permanent Teeth Fixing Cost In India

The introduction of Dental implants is nothing less than a revolution in the field of Dentistry. Further to covering all the lapses and drawbacks that could occur with delayed loading conventional implants and removable dentures, the Dental Implants add a great number of benefits, patient can undergo full mouth dental implants  procedure for getting teeth fixed permanently.

Dentures and Drawbacks

These replacements for the lost or damaged teeth also known as false teeth or plates, used to be the only choice for patients until a few years ago. Despite serving their purpose to an extent have been known to carry more cons than pros.

-Takes high amount of time to adjust.

-Inconvenient as they are not fixed.

-Users could face irritation while eating and speaking.

-Improper care could lead to gum diseases and further complications.

-Relatively fragile.

The Conventional Process

Until a few years ago, the procedure of getting implants fixed was considered extensive and highly difficult with a very less percentage of success, even the full denture implants cost was also expensive. The conventional implants, require removal of all teeth if required, removal of all granulation tissue, cysts, and undesirable residue from the bone. These procedures are followed by bone grafts approximately 2 months later, which is further followed by 3-6 months of waiting period before the second surgery i.e. Insertion of conventional or two piece implants. This is again followed by 3-6 months of waiting before the bridge or prosthetic superstructure is fixed. This is a thing of the past  as most of the cases can now be immediately loaded on Conventional implants too.

Drawbacks with the Delayed loading Conventional Implant Procedure:

  1. Tedious treatment plans.
  2. Requires soft tissue corrective measures.
  3. Unpredictable success.
  4. Patients may require removable dentures even with the procedure, the very thing they were trying to avoid in the first place.
  5. Some patients may not be able to wear removable dentures after bone augmentation which is nothing but adding insult to the injury!
  6. 3-6 months is a very long period which is needed for implants and spongy alveolar bone to fuse together.
  7. Bone recession can occur which renders installation procedure impossible.

Simple, Fast, and Effective Implant Procedure

With the ground breaking affordable dental implants, patients now can put all the worries and fears caused by the delayed loading procedure aside and go ahead with this revolutionary procedure in the field of dentistry with complete confidence, This technique can be used to replace a single missing tooth to a whole set of teeth permanently in 3 days.

Treatment Procedure for Full Mouth Dental Implants

Day 1: Removal of hopeless teeth if any, and insertion of implants.

Day 2: Metal or zirconia coping trial.

Day 3: Fixation of permanent teeth.


At LBR Dental Implant & Facial Aesthetic  Center, we make use of Implants that are renowned and of high reliability. And these when combined with the ideal procedure of Implantation that we implement at LBR, the result is fixed and permanent teeth for life!

The implants are inserted into the layer of hard bone beyond the spongy bone known as basal bone which is the ideal location as this bone is highly mineralized, when compared to grafted bone. This basal bone provides immediate and stable foundation for new teeth, which lead to the rise in basal implant cases or permanent teeth in 3 days.

Features and Advantages

  1. The highly mineralized basal bone instead of spongy alveolar bone is used as the place for insertion of implants.
  2. Immediate stability for new teeth and the desired fusion of implants with the bone occurs.
  3. No Micro Gaps which means no Infections or Gum diseases or any other complications.
  4. Get full denture implant cost at affordable prices.
  5. More comfortable and reliable than removable dentures.
  6. Chewing ability is restored immediately.
  7. Highly cost-efficient. 
Conventional vs. Single-Piece

General Difference



3 – 6 Months of Waiting period

Can be completed in 3 days

Needs few months to heal and to be able to chew

Teeth functionality is immediately restored


Less Expensive

Uncertainty in success

Assured success

No assurance in permanent results

Permanent results

Inconvenient, Painful procedure

Relatively comfortable procedure

Smokers can’t be given this treatment

Smokers can be given this treatment

Procedural Difference



Insertion point: Grafted Bone (Less Mineralized)

Insertion Point: Basal Bone (More Mineralized)

May need sinus lifts, bone grafts

No additional procedures required

Requires high bone density

Can be performed irrespective of bone density

Micro Gaps can occur

No issue of Micro Gaps

Implant, Cover Screw, and Healing Abutment are different entities

All three come as a unit

Needs Two Surgeries

One Time Procedure

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

General Procedure

Residual teeth, if there are any will be extracted and the required number of Affordable dental implants are fixed into the jaw bone followed by the fixing of provisional teeth on the same day and impressions will be taken for permanent teeth that will be fixed within 3 days. Full mouth dental implants cost in India can be reduced using single piece implants as they are a single entity and the entire procedure can be completed in a single visit without using bone grafts or experiencing sinus lift problems.

Upper Arch

Fixed ceramic teeth with Porcelain fused to metal or metal free Zirconia are used to replace full set of 14 teeth in the upper jaw using 8-12 combination of compression screws(KOS) and Bi-cortical(BCS), in the Upper arch, depending on the requirement.

No additional procedures such as sinus lifts and bone grafts are required

Tubero-Pterygoid Implants in India an alternative to sinus lifts, which shortens the time of the definitive procedure of implantation are placed,using minimally invasive flapless procedure under local anesthesia through the tuberosity bone into the Pterygoid plates. Forces of occlusion go to the Pterygo maxillary bone which is stable and cortical allowing immediate loading of implants


Fixed ceramic teeth with Porcelain fused to metal or metal free Zirconia are used to replace full set of 14 teeth in the lower jaw with single piece implants with a minimally invasive flapless procedure. 7-9Implants are placed in the lower arch depending on the requirement. No necessity of bone grafts or nerve repositioning. In case of less bone or no bone, we use inferior alveolar nerve bypass using KOS compression screws or Bi-cortical implants


  1. Applicable to everyone irrespective of bone density – Presence of Pterygoid bone is enough
  2. All 14 teeth are replaced without cantilevers as Tubero-Pterygoid Implants are placed in the distal most part of Maxilla.
  3. No Screw loosening or breakage, no Micro Gaps as single piece implants are used
  4. Immediate chewing capability and teeth functioning.
  5. No sinus lift problems, no signs of dental bone grafts failure, thanks to Tubero-Pterygoid Implants in India and  nerve repositioning.
  6. Just takes 3 days for the entire procedure, that results in permanent teeth in 3 days.
  7. Affordable cost of full mouth dental implants.
  8. life time warranty.
  9. Excellent Immediate implant reviews.


Permanent teeth in 3 days in India:

Are you interested in full mouth rehabilitation? You can get ready for implant procedure and get a new set of permanent teeth in 3 days fixed, regardless of the following factors:

  1. The extent of bone loss.
  2. Presence of remaining teeth.
  3. Presence of Diabetes.
  4. Previously failed implant procedures.
  5. Signs of dental bone graft failure.


Benefits of Permanent teeth in 3 days – Procedure

In the first visit, our specialists at LBR dental  implant team examine the patient, followed by required diagnostics for a preliminary assessment. A 3D CBCT SCAN is used to assess the bone density for the placement of implants, Then the available treatment options along with the technique and the cost factor will be explained in detail to the patient as a part of the treatment plan. In the next visit, the dentist will extract the teeth that are damaged beyond repair and place the basal implants under local anaesthesia and also make impressions for the fabrication of permanent ceramic teeth.

Once the prosthesis is ready, the implantologist will cement the permanent ceramic teeth within three days completing the timeline for Permanent-fixed teeth-in-3 days at a single go. Our specialists at LBR Dental Implant and facial Aesthetic Center consider placing 8 to 10 implants for restoring the upper jaw, 6 to 8 implants for restoring the lower jaw. They may use a combination of compression, basal and pterygoid and Zygomatic Implants in India so that every patient receives a complete set of fixed teeth, without any cantilevers.

Who Can Opt for Permanent Teeth in 3 Days?

  1. Missing or damaged Anterior teeth.
  2. Missing or damaged Posterior grinding teeth.
  3. Severely decayed teeth that cannot be saved by root canal treatment.
  4. Loose or ill-fitting Uncomfortable dentures.
  5. Mobile teeth due to bone loss.
  6. Pyorrhea leading to severe mobility of teeth.


Benefits of Teeth in Three Days

  • Risk-free procedure.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Affordable method.
  • No incidence of screw loosening or loss of crestal bone.
  • Placement of a permanent crown within 3 days.
  • No cantilevers placed.
  • Eliminates the risk of infection and peri-implantitis.
  • Minimal Recovery time.
  • Eliminates the requirement for bone grafting.
  • Easy to maintain the implants with proper hygiene practices.


Why Choose LBR?

  • State-of-the-art dental center for international patients.
  • Highly qualified and experienced world-class implantologists.

–       Internationally Advanced Painless Treatments.

  • High standards of sterilization and well-trained staff.
  • Quality dental care for all patients.
  • Result oriented and pain-free dental care.
  • Ultimate equipment following the latest technology.
  • Nitrous oxide sedation for apprehensive patients.
  • Excellent service and facilities.
  • Highly Personalized treatment plans.
  • Guaranty of quality.
  • Leading dental implant center for dental tourism.


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