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Tubero Pterygoid Implants

Tubero Pterygoid Implants in India

Tubero Pterygoid Implants in India – Graft less Solution for atrophied Maxilla:

Have you been told by your Implantologist that, You are not a candidate for implants in upper jaw because, you do not have enough bone. This is a very prevalant problem and is usually encountered in the distal maxilla due to two reasons:

  1. Retaining infected grinding teeth for long leads to bone loss in the surrounding area making it difficult to place atleast a minimum available size of Implant, or
  2. Getting the infected teeth removed but, not getting them replaced immediately will lead to pneumatization of the sinus(due to gravity) present just above the grinding teeth, leading to bone loss resulting in very less bone or no bone compelling the implantologist to look for other means such as,
    • Subjecting the patient to additional surgical procedures like Sinus lifts and bone grafting, which not only multiplies the treatment time and cost but also makes immediate loading of teeth not possible.
    • Placing short Implants, but there are some instances where even short implants are also not possible due to the severity of the bone loss.
    • Placing an implant anterior to the Sinus and giving posterior cantilever extension to the prosthesis. The problem with this is, the teeth which bear the maximum impact of the grinding forces will not have proper Implant support. This might lead to the failure of the distal most Implant due to the increased forces levied upon it, this usually happens if the cantilever span is more.

These procedures were followed and accepted by the implantologists and the patients until the introduction of Tubero Pterygoid Implants, making the replacement of the distal segment of the teeth in upper jaw and the full mouth implantation procedure effective, painless and providing immediate loading of teeth( permanent teeth in 3 days). Patients interested in getting permanent teeth in 3 days on implants regardless of bone quantity and quality are suitable candidates for tubero pterygoid implants as pterygoid bone is present in all the patients.

Tubero Pterygoid bone is present distal to the second molar region in the upper jaw and is the best available option if you want to avoid cantilevers. Tubero Pterygoid Implants, furnish a stable solution for an atrophic upper jaw bone with negligible surgical trauma and utmost oral function as the anatomy of the Pterygo maxillary structures inputs, sturdiness and aid implants in immediate loading of teeth. The prime reason for making use of the Tubero pterygoid implants is the accessibility of dense cortical bone of the pterygoid plate and the pyramidal process.

LBR DENTAL AND IMPLANT CENTER offers a unique and simple alternative to additional surgical procedures, Tubero pterygoid implants. These implants are placed in majority of cases using minimally invasive flapless procedures under local anaesthesia through the tuberosity bone into the pterygoid plates. Forces of occlusion go to the Pterygo maxillary bone which is cortical and stable, allowing immediate loading of implants. Tubero Pterygoid implants, shortens the time for a definitive procedure on implants thus avoiding inconvenient sinus lift problems and also low success rate of the implants, that are integrated in the sinus lift and sinus augmentation procedure, this procedure also reduces overall dental implant cost and also Sinusitis as, sinus is not involved. In severely atrophic maxilla, if placing implants in the anterior segment of the maxilla becomes a challenge, the Zygomatic implants are placed. These Zygomatic implants along with Tubero Pterygoid implants provide stable foundation for permanent teeth in 3 days.


  • Implants for everyone : As the pterygoid bone is always present.
  • No cantilevers: As Tubero Pterygoid implants are placed in the distal most part of maxilla, all 14 teeth
    are replaced without cantilevers.
  • Possible with both Conventional two piece implants and Basal Implants.
  • Efficient chewing : As all molars are replaced.
  • Can avoid sinus lift problems and dental bone grafts complications.
  • Allows immediate loading with fixed permanent teeth in 3 days.
Tubero Pterygoid Implants
Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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