Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic Implants In India

Edentulism is a persistent ailment associated with considerable rates of morbidity and health issues, edentulous patients are leading a life of despair and emotional hardship, the reason being, diminished aesthetics and reduced masticatory capacity leading to poor health. 

Rehabilitating edentulous maxilla when competent bone is present is well handled with conventional & basal implants. But the real problem is with severely atrophied jaw bones.

During the preceding three decades various surgical Procedures have been refined to escalate the local bone volume in anatomical regions where the bone volume is scarce, but they posed an array of annoyances such as multitudinal surgical interventions and the use of extra oral bone from donor sites (iliac crust/ skull).

To conquer such inhibitions different therapeutic substitutes such as tubero pterygoid implants and zygomatic implants have evolved.

Zygomatic Implants In India:

Zygomatic implants are a graft less treatment remedy for extremely resorbed Maxilla and is a substitute for conventional bone grafting and only solution for implants where maxillary bone is completely resorbed, these are a substitute to traditional implants. These implants are to be used for reconstruction of atrophic edentulous upper jaw as a viable alternatives to sinus lift procedures and bone grafts. Zygomatic implants are different from traditional implants as, they gain anchorage from cheek bone or the Zygomatic bone unlike the others which are placed in the upper jaw bone that is the Maxillary bone. The placement of zygomatic implants is indicated when there is severe atrophy of the maxilla and is not feasible to place the regular implants. This atrophy may be the result of Trauma, Bone pathology, congenital defects, Tumor resection or Pneumatization of the maxillary sinus.

Zygomatic bone is a mated bone which articulates with Frontal bone, Maxilla, Sphenoid bone and the Temporal bone and forms cheeks prominence, base and the lateral wall of the orbit. Because of its high mineralization content, the Zygomatic bone is more condensed and cortical in character thereby, allowing wide stress distribution. These factors attribute to the permanent teeth in 3 days, reducing the therapy schedule and providing comfort to the patient that is the reason why these are called immediate loading implants.

Confined access and visibility, anatomical structures surrounding it and Zygomatic curve complexity make this measure adequately challenging but, zygomatic implants are considered to be superior than many of the conservative techniques as, they do not require bone grafts and avoid sinus lift problems, another main feature of these implants is that they are installed in two bones that do not recede, they are also known for their length, which might extend upto 55mm and are designed to provide a proper anchorage in the bone there by reviving and rectifying smile and speech along with mastigation capacity leading to boost of morale.

Zygomatic implants Cost In India considered as an alternatives to sinus lift procedures and are often accompanied by regular basal implants  or conventional implants depending on the requirement.

In contrast to the bone grafts procedures, treatment with zygomatic implants Suggests minimal invasive surgery, concised treatment time, immediate loading implants and restoration choice, low maintenance, better cure, less recovery time with no donor site morbidity and superior success rate.


It is a very precise process and demands concrete diagnostic treatment planning.

  1. Extremely atrophic maxilla.
  2. Unsuccessful conventional implant placement.
  3. Congenital or acquired defects.
  4. Restoration after trauma / tumor resections.
  5. In syndromic patients.
  6. Mucormycosis cases where the entire upper jaw had to be removed.


Its placement is identical to that of conventional implants and the approach can be

  • Extra sinus
  • Intra sinus
  • Extended sinus depending on the patients anatomical situation. Longer implants are used which are anchored in the strong cortex of the zygoma bone providing stronger anchorage. Whereas conventional implants are anchored in the jaw bone.


  • Graft less solution in severely atrophied maxilla.
  • Immediate loading implants, permanent teeth in 3 days.
  • Considerably less uneasiness
  • Zygomatic implants contribute to multi cortical anchorage allowing instant loading on implants.


It is a very precise procedure and requires concrete diagnostic treatment planning or might end up with problems like

  1. Sinusitis, which can be averted by presurgical assesment of sinus and extra sinus surgical approach and IMMEDIATE LOADING IMPLANTS.
  2. Other complications include-infra orbital nerve paresthesia and oroantral fistula which can be prevented by following proper surgical protocols.
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