LBR Dental & Implant Center

It is the thing of the past that the immediate loading of teeth would jeopardize the stability of the implant, Implants used to be then engaged in the spongy cancellous bone and patients had to undergo multiple surgeries and made to wait for months together before they could get their teeth fixed on Implants. Delayed loading technique has paved way to Affordable, predictable and less invasive, Immediate loading of fixed permanent teeth on implants. This technique using the Basal implants or the Conventional implants (All on 6 concept) has elevated the way Implantologists conduct implants and provide patient care with anticipated, desired outcome.

Immediate loading of teeth on Implants offers an array of benefits for both the dental practitioner and the patient’s alike and serves as a suitable solution for replacement of edentulous jaws.

While practicing this concept, missing or damaged teeth beyond repair are extracted and Implants are placed in the same sitting under the same local anesthesia, followed by digital Scanning for the preparation of the permanent prosthesis. Teeth would be fixed after taking necessary trials in less than a week.

This is made possible as the Highly mineralized Basal compact bone which provides stable foundation for the Implants is utilized to engage the Implants.

In the traditional style of fixed teeth on implants treatment, tooth removal if any will be done under local anesthesia followed by surgical procedures like Sinus lifts and Bone augmentation followed by a waiting period of 6 to 8 months, then a second surgery, where implants would be placed in the grafted bone and subsequently, loading of permanent teeth will depend on the healing of the grafted bone and if required may have to wait for another 3 to 4 months for the final prosthesis.

Immediate implantation reduces treatment time to a single sitting where the strong native bone and not the unreliable grafted bone is utilized to engage the Implants there by minimizing the number of surgical procedures, shortening the treatment time and at the same time enhancing the stability of implants by utilizing the patient’s own native bone. These factors precisely bring down the anxiety and associated pain with the treatment. Other advantages being

  • Fewer injections
  • Reduced visits to the Dentist’s office
  • Less trauma to the tissue and the patient.
  •  Preserves the jaw bone height, which otherwise starts to shrink immediately after tooth extraction.

Many researchers from the recent past have committed that immediate loading of teeth on Implants is a productive and quality procedure whose chances of conquest are much beneficial and by skipping the additional surgical procedures and by avoiding sinus lifts and Bone grafts, one is not losing anything except the pain and agony associated with those.