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Though pandemics have been a part of human history, the fight against corona has been unprecedented in many ways, while we continue to fight against the virus, several complications have been reported in people who have recovered. One such debilitating disease is the infamous Mucormycosis commonly known as black fungus. Second wave has seen unprecedented rise in black fungus cases worldwide. Eventhough the predisposing factors are diabetes and corticosteroids, more cases of black fungus have been reported in the downtrodden as majority of these people do not have regular checkups mainly owning to financial conditions.  Mucormycosis is a diabetes defining Illness in 23% to 43% of patients.

Mucormycosis generally effects the brain, eyes, jaw bone and teeth. It is so rapid and severe that many people lost their entire jaw and even eyes. This has severally affected their quality of life.

The vulnerable people being the downtrodden and oral treatment protocol being very upscale involving zygomatic implants usually under General anesthesia and the specialized prosthesis, has thrown up an extra challenge to the health care.

With a good intention of making this treatment accessible to the people who cannot afford it, DR. K. A. Reddy, with a group of specialists, together performed many such life changing surgeries  under the name MUCOR CARE FOUNDATION, a non-profitable organization with vision of health for all  to make this treatment accessible to poor. The main mission of this foundation is to Educate, Prevent, Treat and Rehabilitate people. They  also work to improve  the oral condition of the downtrodden.

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