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Teeth are created to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, edentulism is a common incidence globally which aects the quality of life by impairing chewing capability, speech and Aesthetics thereby hampering a person’s self-esteem. Earlier people only had the option of removable false teeth which would compel them to avoid hard food substances and, the denture at times would slip out causing embarrassing moments, Ultimately ending up in a bowl of water on the people’s nightstand.

If an edentulous person desires to boost his comprehensive health status and intends to be confident while laughing out loud in a crowd, Fixed teeth on Dental implants are what he is looking for. Be at ease about the time and the expenditure, the treatment would incur as The Full Mouth Dental Implant cost at LBR DENTAL AND IMPLANT CENTER is quite aordable and can be accomplished in a week without compromising on the standards.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Mr.Carlos from Virginia, USA, saved thousands on the full mouth dental implants in india.

Full Mouth Dental Implants is a treatment where your dentist replaces all your teeth using an implant- supported bridge or a Denture that spans the entire upper and lower arches. They are a part of the Full Mouth reconstruction or Full Mouth Rehabilitation.


Single Piece Implants : As the name indicates it is a titanium post made of a single entity. These implants do not require any additional procedure like bone grafting or sinus lift as this anchor the basal bone of the jaw which is present in everybody, irrespective of age and the amount of infection. They are also called Basal implants.

For a Full mouth rehabilitation using Single piece or the Basal implants, damaged teeth if any will be removed under local anaesthesia and 8 to 10 Implants depending on the bone condition and the requirement will be placed along with the Tuberopterygoid Implants in the upper arch and around 8 Implants will be secured in the lower arch, with nerve bypass technique to provide stable foundation for a complete set of fixed teeth without cantilevers in less than a week days.

Two Piece Implants : Implants, where the prosthetic scaold is furnished by an independent component, called the Abutment. Here the implant body and the abutment are linked using a screw.

Full mouth rehabilitation using this procedure can be done using the “ALL ON 4” Technique, where four Implants will be placed in each of the two jaws and Acrylic teeth on cobalt chromium frame work will be screwed on the implants, whereas other technique being “ALL ON 6″ where as the name suggests 6 implants will be placed in each of the jaws which provide a stable foundation for Ceramic or Zirconia bridges, which will be secured immediately in less than a week.

Full mouth fixed rehabilitation has considerable benefits over other options of tooth replacement. From seeing and behaving like native teeth, they are accomplished to be long-lasting. They will be more agreeable and stable than the detachable dentures providing a natural castigator capacity.

Implants are an ideal solution for full mouth rehabilitation as they have made a considerable dierence in the lives of many individuals over the past 2 decades by oering, a long-lasting proposal for the rehabilitation of functionality and aesthetics. Implants provide several benefits over other teeth replacement options as they follow an immediate replacement protocol in addition to opting for alternatives to sinus lift and bone grafts.

With the conventional dentures, the bone surrounding the pre existing tooth roots resorbs there by, Drooping your smile as after a tooth is lost, the area surrounding the previously existing tooth root in the jaw degenerates, as it is no longer used. This means that when you lose all your teeth then the entire jawbone starts to recede, this can be termed Disuse Atrophy. This leads to the collapse of the entire facial structure giving a person, an aged appearance. On the contrary, implants not only replace the missing teeth but the missing root as well, thereby maintaining the vigour of the bone and subsequently, the appearance is also preserved.

Implants integrate with the jaw bone thereby preserving the bone, intact and healthy. They also provide a good buttress to the fabricated teeth as they are bound to the bone and do not budge while biting or speaking. Immediate loading implants help recover your smile and grinding capacity there by elevating your confidence.

Full Mouth Dental Implants


Implant-supported removable dentures: This is a substitute for the fixed bridges on implants and has a detachable prosthesis supported by lingering oral tissues and engages dental implants, for retention.

The prosthesis is an acrylic denture which requires four, Two piece implants in the upper jaw and 2 implants in the lower jaw. With this prosthesis, patients can avoid the embarrassment of an action denture and the functional problems associated with it. Without implants, traditional dentures pose compelling problems such as inferior stability and compromised chewing, which make people feel aged before their time, a person can cut down the full mouth dental implants cost in India using this technique.

Implant supported Fixed dentures: Here the denture is modified to remain fixed to the dental implants, which carry the pressure of dentures cemented or screwed to them. Around four implants are required to be planted in each jaw for this type of restoration where the denture is cemented/screwed onto the implants. Full mouth dental implant cost will be very aordable as the number of Implants used are less and an acrylic denture instead of ceramic
bridges are cemented/screwed on the third day of implantation.

Fixed bridges on Implants: A fixed bridge is a nondetachable prosthesis cemented to implants made of either metal ceramic or zirconia ceramic.

A person using dentures will achieve only 20% of the total chewing eciency whereas fixed bridges on implants will regain 90% of the total capacity, with good immediate implant reviews, Fixed teeth on Implants cases, are on the rise. The introduction of  Tubero Pterygoid Implants in India and Zygomatic implants has changed the face of the Upper jaw Prosthesis, these implants provide, alternatives to sinus lift or bone graft procedures and help patients who have highly attrided jaws regain their lost confidence with Fixed teeth on Implants in less than a week.

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

  • Replacing all the teeth in a single go.
  • Improved bone quality.
  • Support of a permanent prosthetic appliance.
  • Make use of the best bone available.
  • The feeling of having stable and strong teeth
  • Remain permanently in place.
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • No restrictions on food intake.

The basal bone provides perfect anchorage to the implants and provide a solid foundation for the immediate loading of teeth, that is the reason why this procedure is called, Permanent teeth in 3 days and the implants, Immediate loading implants.

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