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Regain your smile with Full Mouth Dental Implants in 3 days

Smile truly represents a person’s happiness and indicates the pleasure and satisfaction, any individual has with his/her life. It is everyone’s most common wish to be able to smile confidently every day. LBR Dental Implants Center in Hyderabad India is here to present you with that beautiful and healthy smile you have been looking for with highly reliable, affordable, and effective dental procedures.

You can achieve permanent teeth in 3 days without the need of any additional procedures and surgeries. We make use of the world famous and revolutionary Swiss IHDE implants, which carry lifetime warranty, for the implant procedure that magically induces confidence not only to your smile but also to your life!

LBR Dental and Implant Center is equipped with and lead by the experienced mind of Dr.K.A.Reddy who is renowned for his expertise and success in single-piece immediate loading basal implants and full mouth dental implants cost at affordable price. The clinic features state-of-the-art facilities and top quality equipment used for all dental treatments and procedures at an affordable price.

LBR Dental Implants in Hyderabad, India offers world class dental tourism services for both national and overseas patients. Our dental tourism protocol features great affordability and convenience, suits international patients as the entire treatment is done in less than a week and in one visit. Our services are a high-quality alternative to expensive dental implant treatments at home. You can also explore the beautiful city of Hyderabad during your visit and make this one of the best and beneficial experiences into your life!

Dr. K.A. Reddy

Dr K.A. Reddy is an endodontist and certified implantologist. He completed his BDS and MDS from the prestigious govt. dental college and hospital, Hyderabad in 2001. Though he got extensive training in multiple implant systems around the world, his core focus has been the single piece immediate loading basal implants, sinus and inferior alveolar nerve bypass. He has done more than 15000 implants since 2001.

Dr.Reddy has been specially trained by Dr.Prof.Stephen Ihde who is a famed implantologist and promoter of Dr.IHDE dental group of companies and who introduced the immediate loading technique.

Our Dental Treatments

Permanent teeth in 3

No more irritating bone grafts or sinus lift complications, no impatient waiting for months get Permanent Teeth in 3 Days and get back those functioning teeth and no doubts regarding the permanency of the implants that are fixed.

Immediate loading basal implants

In recent times, rehabilitation of the edentulous jaws with immediate loading implants has assumed a general, anticipated treatment of choice. For successfull implementation, quality of bone density is required.

Affordable Dental Implants

The end to a common notion that the dental implants and the procedure of implantation is very pricey has arrived with the introduction of, single piece implants. So our main aim is provide cheapest dental implants for all patients.

Single piece implants

LBR Dental and Implant Center in Hyderabad has garnered reputation of offering world-class basal implants procedure with a great success rate. These implants are cheaper than other implants. These immediate loading implants can be regarded as a kind of a revolutionary introduction in the evolution of Dental implants over the years.

Full mouth dental implants

Dental implants metamorphose the lives of individuals having no teeth, a set of failing teeth or with the ill fitting dentures with permanent teeth in 3 days. With full mouth rehabilitation a person enduring edentulism,can eradicate the problems related to dentures and boost their confidence.

TuberoPterygoid Implants

The distal half of the upper jaw is, the most difficult area for placing implants because of the presence of Sinus cavity and rarified distal upper jaw bone. Also in situation where there is severe atrophy of the maxilla, different procedures like Sinus lifts and bone grafts were undertaken which increased the number of sittings as they are surgical procedures.

Our Happy Patients!

  • I lost all my teeth early and have been struggling with removable dentures for many years. I have done extensive research on the internet and looked at dentists of many countries for my full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants. Most of the dentists denied treating my dental problem because of

    Mrs Carole strachan Scotland

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