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A Revolutionary Evolution of Implants

The beginning of single-piece low-cost dental implants is a boon for everyone and a great revolution in the field of Dentistry. This procedure overcomes all the drawbacks of conventional implants and removable dentures. There are several benefits of single-piece implants over the traditional processes. Patients can skip the function of the entire lengthy procedure of full-mouth dental implants and get their teeth fixed permanently at reasonable prices.


At LBR Dental & Implant Center, we use the Swiss IHDE single-piece implants that are renowned and most requested across the planet due to their top-notch integrity and high dependability. And when incorporated with the suitable protocol of Implantation that we implement at LBR, the outcome is fixed and permanent teeth for life! The best thing about this procedure, apart from quick loading or durable teeth in 3 days is, that the expense of entire mouth dental implants is pocket friendly for every person.

Modern Implant Treatment Procedure
Day 1: Removal of hopeless teeth, if any, and insertion of implants.
Day 2: Metal or Zirconia coping trial.
Day 3: Fixation of permanent teeth.

With more than 19000 single-piece implant placements on the record and a 98% success rate, our Center has been the first and most reliable choice for both local and international patients

Who Can Opt for Permanent Teeth in 3 Days?

● Missing or damaged Anterior teeth.
● Missing or damaged Posterior grinding teeth.
● Severely decayed teeth, that cannot be saved by root canal treatment.
● Loose or ill-fitting Uncomfortable dentures.
● Mobile teeth due to bone loss.

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