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Bad breath also called as Halitosis is not always due to bad oral hyenine and can be caused by various other factors too. Here are some common causes and tips to address bad breath:

Bad Oral Hygiene: Improper brushing, Food lodgment between the teeth and not flossing your teeth regularly can lead to the accumulation and multiplication of bacteria in the mouth.

Solution: Brushing teeth twice a day, using a mouth wash regularly, flossing at least once a day, Tongue cleaning-many of us tend to forget to clean the tongue, which is mandatory for maintaining a good oral cavity with fresh breath.

Bacterial accumulation: This happens when there are any remnant food particles left in the mouth, these bacteria can produce sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.
Since brushing is not possible after every meal, antibacterial mouthwash will do the job, if not, gargling with warm salt water or thorough rinsing with regular tap water will also work wonders.

Dry Mouth: Lack of saliva due to some reason can result in bad breath because saliva helps cleanse the mouth.
Solution: Stay hydrated and chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva production.

Smoking and Tobacco: Tobacco products can lead to persistent bad breath.
Solution: Quit smoking or using tobacco products.

Dietary Factors: Certain foods like garlic and onions can contribute to temporary bad breath.
Solution: Avoid these foods or brush your teeth after taking food that leave behind pungent smell.

Medical Conditions: few other reasons being gum disease, respiratory infections and digestive problems.
Solution: Consult a healthcare professional for treatment.
Tooth decay, gum disease, and dental infections can be primary cause of bad breath.
Solution: Visit a dentist for a check-up and treatment.

Sinus and Throat Issues: Postnasal drip and sinus infections can also result in bad breath.
Solution: Seek medical advice for these conditions.

Medications: Some medications may lead to dry mouth and bad breath as a side effect.
Solution: Discuss the issue with your healthcare provider, who might adjust your medication.

If bad breath persists despite these measures, it’s essential to consult a dentist to start with, to rule out any oral problems, if the underlying problem is not mouth related then an healthcare professional will identify and address any underlying causes.