Single Tooth Implant

LBR Dental and Implant Center in Hyderabad has garnered reputation of offering world-class basal implants procedure with a great success rate. The single tooth implant cost, teeth in an hour cost are very reasonable compared to other centers.

It features  state-of-the-art treatment equipment and highly experienced dentists assuring great results in a very less time. The entire procedure does not consume more than a week and it is highly convenient and painless compared to other forms of implant procedures.

The days where in you had to suffer from excruciating pain, every minute discomfort, and every day inconvenience for as long as 3 – 6 months after the dental implant procedure is now history. And that is the result of the introduction of single piece implants – immediate loading conventional implants.

These immediate loading implants can be regarded as a kind of a revolutionary introduction in the evolution of Dental implants over the years.

It has increased the simplicity of the implant procedure and decreased the after-effects, complications and the pain, the patient had to suffer, at the same time reducing the, single tooth implant cost, thus satisfying both the surgical and prosthetic requirements with a long term survival rate, which we cannot say the same for the delayed loading conventional two piece implant.

The Major Differences

The Two-Piece

To start with, a Two-Piece implant procedure can be performed in two ways, namely One-Phase and Two-Phase techniques, both of them needing a few months of healing period during which the implants are allowed to fuse and settle in followed by a prosthetic procedure.

In One-Phase Technique, The implant is placed and sealed with a trans-mucosal healing abutment where as in Two-Phase Technique, only the implant is first placed and sealed with a cover screw and a few months later the healing abutment is placed.

Both the two piece implant procedure could have the bacteria penetrating into the internal cavity through a hollow space near the implants known as “Micro Gap” that can easily result in persistent inflammation and increased alveolar bone loss. And that is where Single Piece implant takes a huge lead!

The Single Piece Implant

The single piece implants or basal implants are highly unique in design and effective in function as, it features prosthetic abutment and the surgical implant as a unit but not as two different entities, and they come with a life time warranty. The single entity, eliminates the occurrence of “Micro Gap”. And what more, the patient need not wait for months for the procedure to complete.

There’re no traumatic surgical procedures, no pressure of finding the right removable dentures until implants find stability, and no hint of uncertainty of whether the procedure would be successful or not!

Single piece implants also help avoid, sinus lift problems, bone graft complications, at the same time favours full mouth rehabilitation in 3 days, that is PERMANENT TEETH IN 3 DAYS.

Let’s look at the biggest differences between single piece implants and delayed loading Two-Piece implants now. We can easily say that they are more advantages of the former over the latter than just differences.

Simple and convenient procedure
Complicated and less convenient procedure
Assured long lasting success due to effective Osseo-Integration
Uncertainty in the durability of the implants due to possible occurrence of “Micro-Gaps”
Fast process – no necessity of a second surgery
Time taking – requires two surgeries and months of healing
Cost effective as it comes as a single unit
Costlier than single piece as it requires cover screw and healing abutment
Stable implants – due to the V-shaped design and reverse buttress threads
High possibility of instability due to inconsistencies/gaps in implant – abutment interface
Soft tissue integration because of a thick and smooth collar and implant placement into the mineral abundant basal bone
Relatively painful, less smooth integration, and unstable as the implant is placed into the less mineralized grafted bone
Available in narrow diameters
Limited dimensions
Comes with life time warranty
No warranty as screw breaking and loosening may occur often
Procedure can be performed irrespective of poor bone quality
Cannot be performed in case of poor bone quality
Less recovery time
Long recovery time

Benefits with Single Piece Implant

Single piece implants represent a major leap of advancement in modern dentistry. With this treatment, you can reap the following benefits and can avoid sinus lift problems and bone graft complications.

  • Getting the procedure done and achieve permanent teeth in 3 days without much recovery period
  • Single tooth implant cost is affordable and anyone can opt for the treatment.
  • Highly convenient and relatively painless process with no swelling or bleeding observed
  • Long lasting results with increased strength due to the unified structure of the implant and abutment, It assures no future complications because there won’t be any screw loosening or breaking, micro-leakage, or bone loss, Single tooth implant cost at reasonable price makes this implant the best among the lot.

Experience the World Class Dental Tourism

LBR Dental and Implant Center also facilitates dental tourism for international patients. It is a very unique and a distinguished experience from many others and it features the following steps

  • The Center will offer you a free and non-obligatory quote on the treatment plan without any hidden charges. All you need to do is fill in the enquiry form and provide the brief medical history of your teeth with all the related reports.
  • You will receive a call from one of the representatives from the center to discuss your vacation and the number of days of stay will be depending on the treatment procedure which usually does not take more than 4 – 5 days. But if you wish to stay for more days and explore the beautiful city of Hyderabad, you’re more than welcome!
  • We offer unparalleled and unique dental services such as Fixed permanent teeth in 3 days, you will be astonished to know the teeth in an hour cost, Single tooth implant cost, full mouth dental implant cost and other specialized dental related treatments.
  • Once the vacation plan is decided and agreed upon, one of the coordinators will take care of everything from booking tickets to accommodation to your specifications.
  • You will be warmly welcomed by one of the representatives and will be escorted to your hotel. Once the treatment is done and before you leave, a brief evaluation session will be held by the Center as a part of their quality control procedure.

LBR has designed this dental vacation not just for the purpose of physical rejuvenation but also to enable you to make it one of the best holiday experiences in your life!

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