Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment (RCT) is advised when the nerve or the pulp chamber of the tooth is infected.The term root canal indicates thoroughly cleaning of the canals of the infected tooth root to get rid of the infection or the bacteria, to prevent recontamination and regain the normal function of the tooth.

A typical tooth can be divided into a crown and a root. The crown is the portion seen in the oral cavity and is above the gum line, the root is present inside the bone and is present below the gum line.

The crown consists of the hardest white outer part called the Enamel, made of calcium phosphate. Underlying this layer is the Dentin which consists of nerve endings.

 Pulp is the inner most layer consisting of soft connectives tissue, blood vessels and nerve, this aids in root growth during

The developmental stages and nurtures the neighbouring tissues in a completely developed tooth.


Symptoms of damaged Pulp:

– Pain or sensation of heat in the tooth

– Sensitivity in the tooth

– Discolored tooth


-Crack/chip in the tooth

-Deep decay due to untreated cavity

-Badly attrided teeth


Local anaesthesia is given to numb the tooth and an access is created to approach the pulp chamber and the root canals.

The infected area is properly cleared to remove and disinfect the inflammed pulp with special dental instruments.

The roots are widened and shaped to accomodate the filling called gutta percha which is a rubber like flexible material.

 The access is then filled and restored with a proper filling material.

It is always preferred to save one’s natural tooth by getting it treated if there is a possibility rather than getting the tooth removed and going for a tooth replacement with an implant or a bridge, to restore the normal chewing activity.

If properly executed, Root canal treatment is considered a safe and a permanent solution with a success rate of up to 99%.

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