What is Orthodontic Treatment?

This specific branch of dentistry deals with the correction and alignment of the teeth and jaws that are improperly positioned. Though the crookedness or improper positioning of the teeth do not seem to be a direct dental health issue, it can cause complicated oral health issues and pose a threat to overall health as well.

Why is it Necessary?

In case of the presence of crooked teeth, the apparent misalignment of the teeth can make it difficult to properly or thoroughly clean the entire set of teeth. This leads to the loss of teeth at an early age along with causing problems like tooth decay, gum diseases, inconvenience in biting and chewing that causes stress leading to headaches, TMJ syndrome, pains in the neck, shoulder, and back as well. In order to avoid such complications, one must resort to Orthodontic treatment and achieve ideal dental health.

Benefits with Orthodontics

  • Prevent oral complications, periodontal diseases, and gum infections
  • Healthier and long-lasting teeth
  • Enhanced facial appearance
  • Convenience in eating, drinking, ad achieving regular dental hygiene

When do you need Orthodontics?

The requisite for Orthodontic treatment is based on a number of factors that will be analyzed by our expert dentist during the consultation. In order to decide whether you require this treatment or not, the following are taken into consideration

  • Basic and observable symptoms and improper alignmentof the teeth
  • Past and current dental as well as complete medical history
  • A clinical examination by our expert dentist
  • Dental X-Rays
  • High resolution pictures of your teeth taken most recently


As mentioned above, observable misalignmentof the teeth is one of the crucial factors considered before finalizing an Orthodontic treatment. If you are suffering from or facing any of the following dental issues, you are a probable candidate for this treatment

  • Gaps – Spaces between the teeth that can be due to missing teeth or improper filling up of teeth
  • Crowding – Presence of too many teeth to accommodate a dental ridge
  • Overbite or Buck Teeth – Upper Teeth lies too far forward or sticking out over the lower teeth
  • Under-bite – Lower teeth lies too far forward compared to the upper teeth.
  • Cross-bite – Upper teeth cannot properly come down in front of lower teeth while biting food
  • Open bite – Observable spaces between biting surfaces of front/side teeth when back teeth bite together
  • Misplaced Midline – Center of your upper front teeth does not align with the lower front teeth

Different Orthodontic Procedures and Dental Appliances

The type of procedure or treatment given will be varied from person to person depending on different factors including their teeth structure, alignment issue, dental health, and age. There are a variety of dental appliances used in this procedure which gently place the pressure on the teeth and the jaws to change the movement of the teeth and muscle, and affect jaw growth. These appliances are categorized into fixed and removable.

Fixed Appliances

  • Braces – These are widely used fixed appliances now-a-days. Braces consist of bands, arch-wires, and brackets. These are usually used to tighten and fix the teeth in the proper position. Depending on the original teeth structure of the patient, it can take from a few months to years to achieve the desirable results. The advantages of braces is that they are affordable and convenient.
  • Space Maintainers – This is an exclusive appliance used when an infant prematurely loses a tooth. This keeps the space open and uninfected until the permanent tooth erupts where the tooth was lost.
  • Special Appliances – These are usually used as a last resort and in case of unavoidable circumstances. Used to control certain habits like tongue thrusting or thumb sucking, mostly seen in children, these could prove uncomfortable during eating and require relatively tedious maintenance and care.

Removable Appliances

  • Aligners – Basically braces without any brackets or wires.
  • Removable Space Maintainers – Alternative to the fixed maintainers and are made with acrylic base that fits over the jaw
  • Jaw Repositioning Appliances or Splints – Used in the cases of TMJ, where the position of jaw needs to be perfected
  • Lips and Cheek Bumpers – Used to relieve the pressures caused by lip and cheek muscles exerted on the teeth
  • Palatal Expander – Widens the palatal area and arch of the upper jaw area and thus reducing the pressure
  • Removable Retainers – Used to prevent the teeth from shifting to their previous misaligned position.
  • Headgear – Used to align the front teeth with the back teeth and slow the growth of the upper jaw. The equipment is used to hold the position of the back teeth during the process of pulling back the front teeth


Considered ideal substitutes for fixed braces, these are known to feature the convenience in usage when compared to their fixed counterparts. The design of an aligner is customized to suit the necessity of the patient as well as fit into the teeth perfectly enabling easy and natural movement of teeth. If you are looking to find an easy and ideal solution to fix the improper appearance or alignment of your teeth, then aligners is your top choice. And the following are the reasons why.

  • Easy to remove before eating and brushing
  • Allows you to eat comfortably as there wouldn’t be any wires and brackets obstructing the food
  • Enables you to clean your teeth properly around the corners till the surface of the teeth
  • You can use aligners in conjunction with teeth whitening process which is not possible with braces
  • Comfortable while wearing and doesn’t apply any pressure on your teeth
  • Effective results in a quick period of time
  • Aligners can be designed to make them almost invisible to the eyes of others making you more comfortable in public

Aligners at LBR Dental

The procedure getting aligners and achieving the perfect solution for misaligned or chipped or crooked teeth has never been simpler and more convenient. At LBR Dentals, once you get the customized aligner fixed, you would not need any further check-ups and all you have to do is follow some simple measures at home in using aligners which will be suggested by our expert dentist.

For International Patients

Overseas patients will find it that it is more than just convenient to get the customized aligners of world class quality at LBR Dental and Implant Center. Within just one week during your stay here, you will have the preliminary diagnosis, planning for the treatment, and getting the impressions required to design the customized aligners. And you need not wait till the aligners are designed as you have the option of getting your aligners delivered to your door step anywhere in the world. LBR has a great track record of treating international patients since 2 years without a single complaint.

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