The Swiss IDHE dental group is in the industry for 58 years which is known for it’s quality and innovation. The motto of Doctor Stephen IDHE is “My work starts where the other ends” Because IHDE implants can be used in the most complex treatments, the most extreme bone resorption cases can be treated without using the bone graft in three days.

How are Dr. IHDE dental implant system different ?

The IDHE implant system is a result of many years of experience in dental implantology and prosthodontics, with the advanced manufacturing technology based on the latest know how. This allows patients to get back their strength and charm and restores their smile. Basal implants were developed additionally and primarily for use in the atrophical jawbone.

They can be applied where little vertical bone is present. The special feature of the IHDE implant system (BCS/KOS/BOI) is the bicortical anchorage in the most solid part of the bone. This provides an ideal lift to make your dental implant as secure as possible.

LBR Dental and Implant Center brings great news to everyone, who is interested in full mouth rehabilitation. Now, you can go for the implant procedure and get the new set of permanent teeth in 3 days fixed regardless of any of the factors mentioned below:

  • Extent of bone loss.
  • Presence of residual teeth.
  • Presence of Diabetes.
  • Previously had failed implant procedures or signs of dental bone graft failure.

Benefits of IHDE

  1. They can be applied where little vertical bone is present.
  2. They can be loaded into position immediately after tooth extraction.
  3. From no teeth to enhanced Smile in 72 hours.
  4. They have a lower potential risk than conventional dental implants.
  5. Time and cost saving.
  6. Guaranteed implantation without bone grafting and with immediate loading.
  7. Very high success rate (99%) even in patient with diabetes, periodontal diseases and smokers as well.
  8. Provisional (or) long term fixed teeth in 3 to 5 days after replacement of implants.

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