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Have you been refused Dental Implant treatment in the past or facing hardships due to failed Implant treatment, Welcome to LBR Dental and Implant center, We have been caring for patients for the past 24 years. Centrally located in the heart of Hyderabad, India, we aim to provide quality treatment to our patients with advanced scientific methods in a relaxed and a friendly environment. If you are looking for experience, high quality care and affordable solution for Immediate loading Dental Implants and other complete range of dental and facial health care, you are at the right place.

We pride ourselves in Fixed permanent teeth in 3 days irrespective of the bone condition as our founder Dr.K.A.Reddy has the experience to manage implants in any bone condition without using Bone grafts or Sinus lifts. This is genuinely beneficial for Overseas clients and also patients from other parts of India, seeking full mouth or partial rehabilitation as, a single visit of a Week days is what is required to get smile of one’s choice and immediate restoration of proper chewing efficiency. We are a leading dental and speciality Immediate loading implant referal center in India. We regularly conduct Basic and Advanced implant courses to Native and Overseas dentists to impart dental Implant knowledge.


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Hello I am Mr.Carlos from Virginia USA. I was having lot of problems with my teeth, they were chipping off and bite was not normal, When I was looking in the internet to fix my teeth issues I came across LBR DENTAL & IMPLANT CENTER in India. When I enquired with Dr.K A Reddy about the full mouth reconstruction treatment procedure and cost, the response was prompt and genuine, I have sent few x rays and pictures of mine to Dr Reddy to understand my situation he immediately replied to my mail with definite treatment and best quote which I could afford. In total I had 4 Basal implants, 7 Root canal treatments and full mouth Zirconia crowns, Endodontist Dr Sravan was very helpful & did a good job with root canals DR.Reddy and his Staff are highly knowledgeable and kind, apart from the dental work, I have also undergone Blepharoplasty for my Upper Eye Lids, Microblading to enhance my Eyebrows, Botox Treatment for my Wrinkles and also Hydration Fillers to Plump Up Rejuvenate my Skin and Mono Threads for my Sagging Neck, all under one roof and trust me, everything was covered in less than what I expected it to be, I look younger by at least 10 years now. Dr.Reddy is very friendly and efficient at everything he did. Dr. Sharada was gentle with me while doing the cosmetic work and the staff is incredibly friendly, I highly recommend LBR DENTAL & IMPLANT CENTER, Hyderabad, India for everyone who intends to travel india for full mouth reconstruction, it’s a lot cheaper than USA with skillful dentists.

Mr.Carlos (Virginia, USA)
Mr.Carlos (Virginia, USA)

I am scared of going to a dentist, after waiting for so long to attend to the worsening condition of my teeth, I found Dr.Reddys website and his procedure was what i was looking for and i had to take the leap of faith. After enduring manageable pain and discomfort i finally got my new set of teeth. Thanks Dr reddy, you r the man!

Jo Harry Othman (Malaysia)
Jo Harry Othman (Malaysia)

I Esang originally from Manila,Philippines but settled in US,After years of constant dental pain and regular visits to dental clinics,reached a point where i wanted a permanent solution for a healthy smile.I did my research and realised that i cannot get it done in US as it is out of my budget,so after several weeks of hesitation decided to leave my comfort zone and travel to India and approached Dr.K.A.Reddy. After initial consultation, Dr.Reddy explained the entire treatment procedure in detail,knowing the process well in advance made me feel at ease,i went through the procedure in a day and my teeth were fixed on the third day,it worked out extremely well.

Esang (USA)
Esang (USA)

Meet the Doctor

Dr. K.A. Reddy​

Conservative Dentist and Endodontist. Certified Implantologist. MDS (OSM), Fellow (ICOI) USA

Dr. K. A. Reddy, widely recognized as one of the leading implantologists in India, has taken care of a multitude of people to reclaim their confidence and self regard. If you have been suffering from tooth loss and have been rejected for implants due to low bone volume, Dr Reddy will help end the distress and get your smile & chewing efficiency back to normal in 3 days through Permanent teeth in 3 days Concept.

Dr. Reddy is an Endodontist and a certified Implantologist. He graduated from the prestigious Osmania Government Dental College and Hospital, Hyderabad, with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and went on to obtain his Masters of Dental Surgery (MDS) from the same prestigious college back in 2001. He worked as the Head of the Department of Endodontics and as a PG guide at Pulla Reddy Dental College, Kurnool. He got extensive training in multiple implant systems from all over the world… Read more

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We are a leading dental and specialty Immediate loading implant referral center in India.

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