Dental Implants – Long Lasting Alternative to Dentures for Missing Teeth

Over the years, people vexed up with dentures have looked for its alternatives, predominantly because they do not want to deal with common prosthetic problems such as difficulty in chewing or speaking. In the same manner, dentists too have been looking for substitutes for dentures for years as the dentures accelerate the bone loss and […]

What’s The Better Choice, Dental Bridge, OR Implant?

If you are facing uncertainty over the choice of tooth replacement between, Dental Bridge and Dental Implant, You should be informed about both the procedures before making the right choice. What is a Dental Bridge: Dental bridging means a bridge attaching the gap between one or more missing teeth to the healthy surrounding teeth. Usually, […]

Here is How Dental Implants Have Become Better

Teeth improve the quality of life. Healthy teeth make us more attractive and increase our confidence levels.A beautiful smile gives a lot of happiness, satisfaction, and a desire to greet or connect with others. Missing teeth can cause both aesthetic and function-related issues. If you’ve lost a tooth, because of trauma or inadequate dental hygiene, […]

What is the Best Way To Replace A Full Mouth Of Teeth With Dental Implants

If you have lost all your teeth, your dentist might replace them using techniques like full mouth bridge implantation or complete denture on implants. The dental implant procedure is the best way to permanently replace your damaged teeth which look and feel like natural teeth. LBR dental and implant center, considered among the best dental […]

Top Reasons To Choose Full Mouth Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small titanium post placed at the missing tooth site. The implant gets cemented with a realistic crown that resembles a natural tooth. This advanced prosthetic option offers many advantages over conventional methods such as dentures and bridges. Full mouth implants have proven to be a fantastic solution for lost teeth […]

Upper Full Arch Teeth Replacement Using Immediate Loading Basal Implants

Mrs. Suguna has faced many ordeals due to her impending dental problems, she consulted many specialists over a period of 2 years but always ended up with a temporary treatment solution. She finally approached Dr.K.A.Reddy of LBR Dental & Implant center at her friend’s suggestion. After undergoing certain preliminary tests, she had been diagnosed with […]

Rebuild Your Beautiful Smile With Dental Implants

Do you want to look and feel younger, enjoy a beautiful smile with healthy teeth which allows you to eat all your favorite food, Dental implants are the solution, they will address all your problems and provide a suitable remedy for you. Dental implants are titanium posts, used to replace lost teeth permanently and help […]

Partial Replacement Of Teeth On Implants For A 70-year-Old Parthasarathy

Mr. Parthasarathy, a 70-year-old patient had been suffering from partial tooth loss on his right upper arch, he lost all his grinding teeth on that side and was forced to eat from the other side, this unilateral chewing made things difficult for him as he had to face TMJ ( temporomandibular joint) problems which usually […]

Full Mouth Dental Implants – Pros And Cons

Despite advances in oral care and dental hygiene, aging is not the only cause of tooth loss. Every 1 out of 4 adults by the age of 74 loses all permanent teeth. Tooth decay, gum disease, accidents, and oral infections are common dental problems that lead to tooth loss. In the past, dentures and bridges […]

Top 5 Recovery Tips After Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth with fixed teeth on dental implants is the best step forward towards the well-being of one’s teeth, surrounding structures, and also overall health in general. A dental implant can give you a fresh start by giving you the most natural-looking teeth. This article gives you information about what you can do to […]