It is the thing of the past that the immediate loading of teeth would jeopardize the stability of the implant, Implants used to be then engaged in the spongy cancellous bone and patients had to undergo multiple surgeries and made to wait for months together before they could get their teeth fixed on Implants. Delayed […]


Bad breath also called as Halitosis is not always due to bad oral hyegiene and can be caused by various other factors too. Here are some common causes and tips to address bad breath: Bad Oral Hygiene: Improper brushing, Food lodgement between the teeth and not flossing your teeth regularly can lead to the accumulation […]

All on 6 Dental Implants

Earlier the only option for teeth replacement was traditional removable dentures, it is a fact that 90% of denture wearers are not satisfied with dentures due to the Slipping and uncomfortable nature and also due to the extending acrylic plates, apart from the teeth. Even though dentures have become better over the years in terms […]


A digital impression is the latest innovative addition to the field of dentistry, also called as digital dental impression or the intraoral digital scan, is a contemporary innovation utilized in dentistry to create a exceptionally detailed three dimentional depiction of a patient’s oral structures and teeth in particular. This development takes over the conventional method […]