Dental implants are an easy solution to replace missing teeth or teeth. Dental implants consist of a titanium base. This titanium base is inserted into the jawbone beneath the gums. Now, this titanium base works as the tooth’s root, supporting the artificial tooth. After the insertion of the titanium base dentist covers the insertion with a crown to give it a natural appearance. Dental implants look like natural teeth and work like regular teeth and help you in the chewing process at low Cost of Dental Implants In India

Recently there have been many advancements in dental implants. These advancements have completely changed the course of dentistry in the last century. The long duration requiring implants has been changed with the immediate implants.

Average Cost of Dental Implants in India:

The Cost of Dental Implants In India is influenced by geographical area, qualification and experience of the dentist, and the type of implants used. Among many of these factors, the geographical area has the most impact on the cost of implants. For example, it is very high in western countries, while the charges of the same implant might be less in India.

Generic implants cost pretty much more minor than the modern implants available nowadays. Generic implants take longer to complete the implant procedure, while modern implants can be completed in one sitting. So, if you want to save time, you have to invest money. But the cost of dental implants in India is low, even for modern implants. 

Elements Included In the Cost of Dental Implants In India:

● Dental examination using 3D imaging

● Removal of problematic teeth

● Installation of dental implants

● Placement of hardware

● Formation of dental crown

● Placement of the crown

The overall cost might range from 20,000 Rs to 50,000 depending on the price of each element. This price is mentioned in a range because there is no fixed amount of implementation. Fees are based on the complexity of work depending on the person’s case.

Single Tooth Implant Cost: 

The implant is not something you buy. You need to undergo the procedure at the dentist’s clinic. Many patients require a sinus lift and a bone graft to make the jaw bone healthy and support the implant. This graft adds to the cost of the implant. Once you undergo a CT scan or 3D imaging dentist can let you know the exact pricing of the implants, including the extra bone graft or sinus lift if required.

Single-piece implants are the most affordable ones. So, what makes single-piece implants so affordable? It’s the manufacturing cost that reduces the cost of the implant significantly. It excludes expensive bone grafts. It uses the patient’s bone to support the implant. 

Multiple Tooth Implants Cost:

The cost of multiple tooth implants depends on whether you have all the teeth to be replaced in a line or placed at different spots. If they are placed together in a row, then the cost of the implant will be less. This cost reduction is because two plants can support four teeth in a row with the help of bridges. Using bridges can reduce the cost of the implant. But if teeth are separate, then the cost of the implant will be much more.

Full Mouth Implant Cost:

If you want a complete set of newly replaced teeth, then be ready to spend up to one lakh rupees. The exact cost might depend on the procedure you prefer. If you go for replacing each tooth individually, that will cost you the most compared to other procedures. In this procedure, some parts of the tooth that are entirely perfect can be recovered.

A less expensive method is to get the dentures to support the implants. Here are two full arches of artificial dentures to replace the natural upper and lower teeth. Here the remnants of the earlier teeth have to be eradicated. The arch of the dentures is supported by either four or six implants each on the upper and lower side. These are commercially named “All on four” and have half the cost of the individual replacing the tooth. 

Sinus lift procedures have been replaced by turbero pterygoid implants that reduce the overall process cost for full mouth dental implants. Several dentists use these procedures to reduce the cost of the implants.

Affordable Implants | Cost of Dental Implants In India

The implant cost in India is relatively longer than in other countries. Implants are quite affordable in India as they are almost 50 to 80% lower in cost than the countries like Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, the United States of America, the United Kingdoms, etc.

The procedure is the same as followed in the rest of the world. The dentist in India mandates the standards as they follow the international procedure for carrying out the implants.

Final Words: 

The implant cost in India is significantly lower than in the rest of the world. But the actual cost of the implant only depends on your case. What procedure you choose and what additional costs are required decide your implant cost. Using modern technology, you can remove the expensive sinus lift and bone graft procedures and get the implants at significantly lower costs.

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