Replacement of a tooth

Missing teeth will affect your general health and self esteem.If you have lost one or more teeth,you might be aware of the fact that they affect your looks and the overall dental health.

The teeth are designed in such a way that they work together in order to help you in chewing ,smiling and talking.The loss of even a single tooth might disturb this balance and change your looks and chewing capacity.The jaw bone and the teeth present on it are interrelated and follow a particular mechanism.The interaction between them is intricate and remarkable, tooth loss will affect this mechanism.

A tooth that has been removed due to various reasons such as a decay or a periodontal problem or some kind of trauma has to be replaced as it will reduce the chewing efficiency and will place more stress on the adjacent standing teeth.

But this does not hold true in case of a wisdom tooth and it is very unusual to replace wisdom teeth as they are vestigial and removal of these is not going to affect the arch in any way.

If the other lost teeth are not replaced it will result in unsightly spacing between the teeth which might result in food Impaction that in turn will lead to bad breath and difficulty in chewing.this might also result in drifting of the opposing and the adjacent teeth into the vacant space causing gum and bite problems.

Fortunately there are various methods to replace and the following are the available options for tooth replacement

Replacement with a bridge:

This type of replacement consists of two crowns on the teeth one on either side of the missing slot, which are called the abutments and a solid false tooth in the gap and is called the Pontic.These can be either made of metal fused ceramic or solid zirconia.

Replacement with the help of an implant

This is a better option as the adjacent teeth are not disturbed.A titanium post called an implant is inserted into the jaw bone in the missing place which acts like a supporting structure or a root for the prosthesis.

The advent of single piece IHDE implants has simplified the job for the dentists as well as the patient as it can be completed in three days without subjecting the patient to any traumatic procedures like sinus lifts or bone grafts as the implant is placed in the basal bone which immediately after insertion osseointegrates and provides a stable platform for the teeth to be replaced.

Advantages of an implant supported crown over bridges:

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