Permanent Teeth In 3 Days

Edentulism is an impairing,irreversible condition which leads to morbidity. A good set of dentition is of primary importance for a persons well being, to lead a standard life, which makes it imperative to replace missing teeth.For the replacement of missing teeth,there are 2 popular options, the conventional dentures and the other being fixed replacement of teeth on implants.

Although dentures do not require any surgical intervention and are an affordable quick fix to replace teeth and can be prepared by making the impressions of the jaws, they take up a lot of time to get adjusted and come with their own set of hi-cups,which over weigh the cost of dental implant treatment. Furthermore, dentures give a premature aged appearance along with added discomfort as,they cannot prevent bone loss that occurs after tooth removal.Jaw bone requires stimulation to grow,which is generated by natural tooth roots or implants when a person chews. In case of a denture wearer,eventually over a period there will not be any bone left for the dentures to sit on because of the constant bone loss.

If the thought of having to wear dentures for the remaining years to come is distressing, Then permanent teeth in three days is a treatment of choice, the teeth fixed on implants feel and function like natural teeth with added benefit of preserving the jawbone and there by,the facial contour.

If you are concerned about the expenditure and the trauma associated with the implant treatment procedure then, permanent teeth in three days is the solution, This concept is a huge abettor for people with missing teeth, it does not require traumatic and time taking procedures like the bone graft and sinus lift. It is a minimally invasive technique which comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY,every person with missing teeth irrespective of his bone condition, health status and habits like smoking is a suitable candidate for this concept and this procedure can be used for partial or complete replacement of teeth.

Using Basal Implants:

Basal Implants are Single piece implants,they are placed in the basal bone which is highly mineralised and present in all, Thus avoiding the necessity of the unpredictable bone grafts. Placement of the Tubero pterygoid implant in the Pterygoid bone, present distal to the third molar in the upper arch avoids the sinus lift procedure and placement of cantilevers.The implantation procedure is completely atraumatic with minimal post operative oedema and pain.


Around 8 to 10 Basal implants in the upper and 6 to 8 in the lower arch are placed immediately after extraction of teeth if any,under local anaesthesia and impressions are made for the fabrication of fixed ceramic prosthesis which is fixed on the third day. The patient can resume his normal chewing habits from the third day onwards as the Basal bone provides immediate anchorage after implant placement.

Using Two piece implants:

All on 4 / All on 6 technique, after initial consultation and diagnostic procedures, Extraction of teeth and placement of 4 or 6 implants in each arch depending on the requirement is done,with a purposeful angulation to distribute the load effectively and to avoid cantilevers.This concept avoids bone grafting and sinus lift procedure as the implants are placed anterior to the vital structures in each arch.Impressions are made and the fabricated teeth fixed on the third day. This is a cost effective, graftless procedure for full mouth replacement on implants.

Bad set of failing teeth can create havoc on a persons self esteem and his global health status. Replacing teeth on implants not only restores your smile but also the lost self confidence.

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