Dental implants metamorphose people possessing no teeth or a set of declining teeth to a rigid set of replacement teeth on implants.

Edentulism will have a considerable effect on quality of life and leads to severe problems like:

  1. Bone loss
  2. Ineffective chewing
  3. Elderly appearance
  4. Speech impairment
  5. Temporo mandibular joint problems

Dental implants have given a large number of edentulous people a second life by helping them to enjoy the food they like, smile with confidence and lead a normal life again.

The cost of Dental Implants might differ based on the geographic location.

Dental tourism is a booming sector in India and the principle reason for India being a preferred destination for the people all around the world, is the cost effectiveness and treatment from authorised facilities which is on par with countries like U.S and U.K at a considerably cheaper cost.

Dental implant treatment is not a customised procedure and will vary from patient to patient and so will be the cost.

Full mouth dental implants cost will depend on:

  1. Practitioners expertise
  2. Type of implants
  3. Number of implants
  4. Laboratory involved
  5. Prosthesis

There is no analytical proof that one brand of implants is superior to the other, What will apparently make the difference in the longetivity and success of the implants is the diagnostic and the Surgical skill of the implantologist. It is imperative that you do a thorough research and approach a credentialed dentist as implant treatment is a one permanent solution that lasts a life time.

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