Cost of dental implants in India

Dental implants, an exemplar of a tooth root, is fabricated out of Titanium alloy which is bio compatible and fuses with the jaw bone furnishing a tough fundamental for the prosthesis that is made to resemble the native teeth.

Any body who has lost one or more of their teeth due to trauma, decomposition or a genetic disorder may be a nominee for dental implants. These are the perfect solution for substitution of natural teeth.

Swiss based IHDE single piece Implant system is a breakthrough in the field of Implantology. It has expelled all the limitations of the conventional implants, the major being the peri implantitis because of the microgap, as these have multiple components and there by reducing the cost parameter as single piece implants are a single entity. With these implants no patient can be declined treatment on the basis of deficient bone.

Implant treatment at LBR Dental and Implant center, Hyderabad, is convenient and cost effective method of restoring a persons smile and confidence.

The justification for our moderately priced treatment being:

  1. Moderately priced Implants: Inspite of being the best in the business, Single piece IHDE Implants are moderately priced because it is made of a single component.
  2. No Bone augmentation procedures: IHDE Implants utilise the basal bone, which is highly mineralised and is present in all the patients irrespective of the level of infection and the amount of Bone atrophy.
  3. No surgical procedures involved: Traumatic, expensive and time consuming surgical procedures like Sinus lift are not required,Thanks to the Pterygoid Implants.
  4. Single visit technique: Single trip of a week days is sufficient, this cuts down the travel expenses.

Implant treatment is an extremely accomplished procedure and success of this lies in the expertness of the performing doctor.

We keep three crucial factors of pattern, function and appearance in mind, and ensure to make your visit soothing. We explain the treatment options in detail and help you make a judgement regarding the final treatment plan. We treat you with truthfulness, tenderness and regard.

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