An Overview Oral Healthcare Guide: How To Choose the Right Dental Implant Specialist

If you are deciding to have a dental implant then the fore most important step is choosing an expert to perform dental implant procedure. The knowledge and the experience of the performing dentist will determine the success of a treatment. Learn here how to choose the right dental implant specialist for your needs.

This LBR dental implant blog article helps you how to make long-term investment in your oral health care and well-being with a right dentist to restore your look and smile with confident.

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Loss of a tooth or teeth will have a detrimental effect on one’s aesthetic look. Perfect teeth often serve as a complimentary tool in boosting an individual’s confidence. There are various reasons for tooth loss, the most common ones being due to accidental falls (trauma), poor dental habits, osteoporosis, gum disease etc.

A child losing a tooth symbolizes his/her climbing the ladder of growth, and a new tooth replaces the lost tooth, whereas losing a tooth once an individual reaches adolescence is troublesome as the tooth wouldn’t re-erupt. But with the enhancement of technology in the field of dentistry, dental implants are successfully used to replace the lost tooth/teeth.

The implanted tooth not only replicates the function of the original one but also looks like the original one. Care, choosing an able dentist, play a vital role in this procedure.

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What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a false or artificial tooth made of up titanium, which is surgically inserted through the gums into the jawbone. The replacement tooth goes over the dental implant, which means that the implant serves as a base for the replacement tooth.

How do Dental Implants Work?

As mentioned above, the implant is fixed directly into the jawbone, which offers stability to the replacement tooth. Steady implant means no slippage or shift of the replacement tooth/denture/bridge, giving a more natural feel over conventional bridges or dentures.

The dental implants have the upper hand when compared to conventional bridges or dentures, in that dental implants do not require reading the surrounding area of the implant site, and does not require any support from the teeth adjacent to the implant site.

Due to the advancements in the field of dentistry, Implants can now be placed in any person above the age of 18 years, irrespective of their bone condition and health status. The key here is to diligently pursue the instructions/advice given by the treating dentist both pre and post-implantation surgery to safeguard the vitality of the implant. It is needless to say that maintaining oral hygiene is  essential for the durability of dental implants.

What Is A Dental Implant Procedure Like?

The outcome success of a dental implant surgery

depends on the team effort between a patient and his dentist. A dentist after going through a patient’s dental issue, medical history of illnesses, current medication (if any), ongoing treatment (if any), family history of diseases, etc. charts out a plan as to how and when to proceed with the implant surgery.

Depending on the number of teeth lost and the available bone quantity  your dentist may go with the course of corrective action:

What to Expect after Having A Dental Implant?

Home oral care like brushing, flossing, and regular dental visit for simple cleaning procedures are required which is quite similar to the natural teeth care, so that you can keep your implant clean and plaque-free.

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Why it is important in choosing the right dental implant dentist?

Any certified dentist can attempt a dental implant procedure, but this doesn’t mean that you will get the best results; sometimes it may also deteriorate your condition.

Preferring a good implantologist, is very crucial as it is concerned with your health and is considered as a life time investment.

How to Select the Right Dental Implant Specialist?

Choosing the right dental specialist is a huge task, but it is not too difficult, Here are some suggestions to choose the correct dentist.

Should I go to a BDS or an MDS doctor for dental implant?

Not every dentist has the knowledge and the experience to perform dental implant surgery. Doctors who have done masters in oral surgery, endodontics etc with a special certified course in implantology are validated to perform implant procedures.

The above-said professionals attend three additional years of schooling for the award of MDS (Master in Dental Surgery) after their BDS degree (Bachelor in Dental Surgery). It is important for a patient to confirm the credentials of a dentist to ascertain his capacity to perform dental implant surgery.

Why Choose A Dental Specialist Over A General Dentist?

Now dental patients from around the globe can browse online and choose the right dental surgeon over the regular dentist nearby by using internet technology.

As the dental implant expert at our LBR dental clinic, Dr.K.A. Reddy  is adhering to a quality policy of International standards and a philosophy of Restoring the patient smile and self-confidence with a natural looking set of fixed teeth on implants.

A dental implant specialist has thorough knowledge in his/her field of expertise; the same cannot be expected of a general dentist who does dental implant surgeries once in a while. A general dentist is like ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of None’. A few other reasons for choosing a specialist over a general dentist are elucidated as follows:

Lower The Risk of Complications with a Dentist

A right Dentist is selected over a general dentist to lower the risk of complications for a dental implants procedure. To avoid complications, the doctor should know, and he should be an expertise  with dental implants. LBR dental implants hospital provides the doctors who are experts in the dental implant procedure..

Having a dental implant is a big deal, both for your lifestyle and your wallet. So don’t choose the general dentist who is not certified and doesnt have complete training as, it is costing less. It may even complicate the situation and you might end up with edentulous condition for the rest of your life. Choose the best dentist to perform the procedure.

Offer High-Quality Aesthetics Dentist

Dental implant specialist will follow the advanced dental technology and have better-certified equipment and certification on how to use and follow the equipment,added to the additional training they undergo,  they will also have the competence to make the artificial tooth and gums look more natural and more aesthetic. Dental implants are also chosen for natural-looking and fully functional prosthetic by patients.

Choose a board-certified Dentist

To gain board certification is not easy to the dentist they should undergo many strict testing to show that they know about performing the necessary procedures, and they have to undergo considerable additional training and gained suitable experience.

Choose a dentist who is expertise in dental implants

To perform specific surgeries like implants, the dentist should undergo further education and training in the field of dental implants. The process of placing dental implants requires more specific training and practical skills than most other dental treatments.

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A successful dental implant dentist will be more happy to share the previous implants photographs and the reviews given by the patient. And don’t forget to see the online review before visiting the doctor.

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If the surgery of dental implants fails, then certainly cause your implants to fail and that could permanent damage to your mouth and face and considerably less attractive than what you had expected. Dental implants are done for final aesthetic look and should be good so, follow how to choose the right dental implant dentist.

Questions to Ponder:

If you are trying to choose the right dentist for your dental implants procedure, it’s a better idea to ask questions to your dentist, and staff at our LBR Dental Hospital.

Here are some questions you can ask:


As elaborated, dental implant surgery needs to be handled by a sophisticated dental surgeon, and we at LBR Dental & Implant Center, have a highly experienced and well-regarded dental implant surgeon in the form of Dr. K.A. Reddy, who secured his graduation and post graduation degrees from the prestigious Osmania government dental college, Hyderabad. He got extensive training in multiple Implant systems from around the globe and has performed more than 12000 implants with a very a very high success rate.

Dr. K.A. Reddy, B.D.S., M.D.S., has expertise and a high success rate in single-piece immediate loading basal implants and full mouth dental implants cost at affordable price. His expertise coupled with the state-of-the-art facilities and top quality equipment available at LBR Dental & Implant Center transcends a patient’s expectations from a treatment facility, all this offered keeping in mind the affordability factor of treatment.

LBR Dental Implants, Hyderabad, also offers its services to overseas patients through dental tourism. The factors we offer to global tourists wanting dental treatment being ease and convenience in scheduling consultation and treatment , affordability, and minimising the number of visits for completion of treatment.

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