Top 10 Dental Implant Surgery Question And Answer

Here is the LBR dental implants article on Frequently asked questions. Our Dental surgeon Dr AK Reddy and Sharada Reddy are clarifying the queries related to Dental Implant Surgery. Read the article to clarify your FAQs related to How dental implant procedure is done, time is taken for the surgery, recovery time, pre and post-operative problems and care, benefits with dental implants, and precautions, etc.

Dental Implants:

A dental implant is a titanium screw metallic surgical fixture which serves as a replacement root of a missing tooth. Sufficient time is given for the implant to fuse with the jawbone. After successful fusing of the implant, this implant serves as a base for the replacement tooth. The expected results for dental implant surgery is a personalised one.

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1. How long will it take for a Dental Implant Surgery?
In most of the cases, the same time used for placing implants and making of a temporary tooth as removing the damaged tooth. In rare cases, Before placing the final tooth, the implants have to heal for a few months. In the dental implant procedure, the tooth to fully integrate with your bone takes the lower jaw three months and the upper jaw six months. However, it depends upon healing process of the body that differs from person to person. Until that our team doctors from LBR Dental implants will monitor your progress closely and will provide you 100% dedicated care in our office.

2. Do I have to Visit the dentist continuously after I have implants placed?
Yes, you have to continue to visit your dentist regularly for the hygiene of the teeth. It is essential to take care at home and maintain your oral health.

3. Does there is an age limit for having implants?
No, there is no age limit, and you are not too old to have implants. Ninety years old Patients can also have implants for a partial denture or full dentures with implant-supported restorations. They can also enjoy the benefits with implants like more natural chewing, speaking and a better quality of life.

4. To whom to have Dental Implants?
The patient who needs dental implants are:

5. Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?
Depending upon the time required for the procedure doctor will give Anesthesia before the dental implants but, after the dental implants, manage the surgery pain can by taking over-the-counter medicines for 2–5 days after the surgery. More significant postoperative discomfort may occur If Multiple dental implants or bone grafts surgery procedures are used. To avoid this discomfort, our dentist will evaluate and prescribe any pain medications based on the extent of your surgery.

6. What are the advantages of having Dental Implant Surgery?
Dental implants needed to the patient missing a tooth or a series of teeth, a dental implant may be suggested, and that causes him several problems, including difficulties, chewing or eating, speaking accurately, smile. By dental implant, you get confident in a smile, can attend in social activities without feeling uncomfortable, can eat solid food without any pain. Some of the benefits are:

7. Are there any chances of bleeding after a dental implant?
After the Implant, the surgery site should stop bleeding immediately after the procedure; however, due to other conditions, bleeding could be still seen for 24 Hrs.

Sometimes it is unusual to have the active bleeding after the surgery. Sometimes our doctor will suggest you have some immediate home cares like place a sterile gauze of cold and maintain the pressure for 30 minutes. If bleeding continues as the same then that is not a good sign, then visit our implantologist, as there could be the possibility of minor blood vessels damage in the soft tissue, which can be corrected by your doctor immediately and treat you accordingly. Care should be taken after surgery like not to do spitting, drinking with a straw, smoking, gargles, and care should be taken as our natural teeth.

He may use a local coagulating agent on the site of bleeding or prescribe you systemic coagulating agent depending on the severity. Sometimes suturing also stops the bleeding.

8. What is the lifespan of dental implants?
Typically, they last longer than regular dental work, as long as you maintain and take care of them properly with following some home cares provided by a doctor like daily cleaning, just like your natural teeth, flossing, brushing, etc. When properly maintained and follow the instructions of the doctor, with good oral health, then the implants will last for a lifetime.

9. What happens if dental implants fail do I feel shaky and nervous. ?
Nowadays, the dentists are using the dental implants which are made up of titanium; it is very biocompatible. Dental implants surgery had a very high success rate when proper surgery procedure followed. We can easily remove the implant even if dental implants surgery gets failed. So don’t worry, it is an easy, nice and safe procedure and it’s done everywhere in the world, and it is a rare condition where dental implants fail.

10. What diet should follow after dental implant surgery?
If you have undergone an implant surgery, our doctor will suggest you take a balanced diet by giving you a chart and recommend to take a semisolid meal like fruits by mashing, softened bread and milk, and soft cooking foods making them pasty and soft. The diet will differ from patient to patient based on their health condition and recovery time.

The doctor will suggest the food without chewing and should provide you with appropriate nutrition. Along with the food, don’t forget to take proper medications prescribed by surgeons like antibiotics and painkillers to prevent infections and pain.

The prevention, early detection, and treatment of the teeth diseases are important for the success of dental implant surgery, and from the side of patient self-care maintenance is the most important after the dental implant, and professional care by regular hospital visits. The main goal of implants is to have a good aesthetic look.

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