India has a geographical advantage because of its location at the core of South Asia and closeness to West Asia; Gulf Countries; Central and South Asian nations,hence it has become a sought after hub for medical tourism. In 2015, India was positioned as the third most famous destination for medical tourism, when the business was worth $3 billion. The number of visitors coming to India on clinical visas sat at about 234,000 that year. By 2017, the number of appearances dramatically increased to 495,056, as per the government figures. These clinical sightseers come not only for the cutting edge latest medical treatment accessible in the country but also for a wide scope of dental procedures.

Thousands of people fly from the Middle East, USA, Canada, Australia &  Europe to tour places in India for dental care clubbed with a grand holiday every year. The cost of dental care in western countries is approximately 10 times more than that in India. Dentists can charge $300 to $400 for a dental filling in the USA & Europe, while it costs only $20 to $40 in India. A root canal, for instance, is $3,000 in the West, but only about  $100 to $150 in India. Dentures can cost $3000 overseas, but it costs only around $ 500 in India.

The accredited facilities in India provide a treatment that is not only at par with any developed country in the world but at a much cheaper cost, thus giving us a  competitive advantage over others. Dental tourism in India offers several packages based on the requirements of the person & their holiday needs.

The major advantages of coming to India for treatment are:

With global travel being a significant reason for the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, what would be inevitable is clear. The deluge of vacationers, including clinical travelers, will stay delayed at any rate for a decent piece of this current year. As per the tourism ministry, the nation will still continue to remain the most secure, least expensive, and one of the most favored destinations for medical tourism during and after the pandemic, despite the fact that the division bore the brunt of coronavirus and the ensuing lockdown.

In order to meet the present requirements, dentists and their assistants must mandatorily use quality and complete personal protective gear as per the CDC at all times. All the dental clinics will require recently organized and updated centers with a colossal interest in the PPE to keep up the sterilisation and strict hygiene. Certain preventive steps can curb the risk of cross-infection from aerosols, and splatter which poses a serious health risk to dental practitioners, even under regular circumstances. The pandemic has brought about an opportunity to shift to minimally invasive techniques such as ART, ACT which uses Silver Diamine Fluoride etc., which has also reduced the cost of treatment.

When the global air travel limitations are lifted, clinical explorers, following due protocols including RT-PCR testing, will rush to India basically for its offer of extraordinary value for money and incredible clinical results. Industry experts hold that however, the effect on dental tourism in India was unavoidable due to COVID-19, odds of restoration appear to be brilliant because of its geographical location. According to experts, the digitization in the health industry will also make the flow of foreign patients easier in the upcoming time.

The status quo of the world today is such that advancement and development have been swapped by worries for survival. More terrible than that, it is difficult to design clearly and precisely for the foreseeable future. Since the entire world is struggling with the coronavirus, every medical and surgical procedure, including dental services have also been reoriented to the whims and fancies of the corona era. There will be a lot of changes in terms of the way these services are delivered, the dentists operate and the procedures are performed, keeping in view the safety of the patients and the doctors as well. All the government guidelines for the same will be mandatorily followed all over the country ensuring the safe treatment of all the patients.

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