A smile speaks volumes about what one is experiencing at that very moment. It brightens the face and lights up the eyes of the person experiencing joy or living up a happy memory. Smiling is contagious, and by virtue, it is an attitude all love to carry. In dental practice, smile designing has reached new heights and many people have only benefited from this line of treatment.

What stops people from smiling without hesitation? Why do they suddenly feel conscious about their smile? Why does the spark of happiness dull away as soon as they get conscious? Answer to this and other mixed feelings lies in smile designing. We at LBR, love spreading joy,and smile designing is one efficient way.

What is Smile designing?

A rehabilitation of sorts for your teeth which helps in portraying the smile effortlessly! Well, the technical part goes like this. The teeth are made whiter, shinier, and aligned in top-notch straight form, for that vibrant and warm smile. This procedure does wonders for dental health. The teeth and gums are cleaned and restored to do the job they are meant to do-smile, chew, and smile some more!

How does smile designing help?

To be frank, a smile helps lift a face better than Botox. Yes, it’s entirely true. Temporary predicaments for lifting and revitalizing the face stay for only a while, but a great smile goes a long way and is an everlasting fix. Smile designing will be an investment towards overall wellbeing, confidence, and mental health. Your overall appearance will radiate with an aura like never before and you gain a new perspective.

Who can benefit from a smile design?

1. People who don’t have teeth aligned in a proper fashion.
2. Those with discolored teeth
3. Those with chipped teeth
4. People suffering from gum diseases
5.People with weak teeth
6.Too much gum tissue or uneven gums are lasered to give them a ‘gum lift’.
7.Missing anteriors.

The benefits of smile design are instant, and we at LBR take pride in the work we do. People who don’t want to go through the trying period of wearing braces or other extensive procedures can benefit greatly from smile designing.

Are there any side effects of smile designing?
Well, some people do experience sensitivity for a few days. On a lighter note, you might end up transmitting your infectious smile and spreading the joy.

How many sittings are needed in smile designing?
Smile designing can be a single visit treatment or can be an extensive process and can take from weeks to months for some people depending on the requirement.

Types of procedures in smile designing:

Let’s get you a smile that not just strengthens and brightens your face but also makes your heart smile.

LBR Dental & Implant Center:

Experience a world class dental treatment at one of the best dental clinics in India. Our unique, affordable and efficient services have successfully treated thousands of national & international patients, specially from Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand & Gulf in the last two decades. Dr K.A.Reddy is an endodontist and certified implantologist. He completed his BDS and MDS from the prestigious govt. dental college & hospital, Hyderabad in 2001. If you are looking for the best dental implants in India, contact LBR Dental.

In case you are coming from outside Hyderabad, India, you will get an accurate estimate, support in travel & accommodation so that your dental tour becomes a pleasant recreation. For more info, visit www.lbrdentalimplants.com/contact-us/

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