Frustrating stains taking a toll on your pearly whites? If yes, then you are not alone. Almost each one of us desire for whiter and brighter teeth. But even with brushing and flossing consistently, with time, many people note a change in the shade of their teeth. Today, a great deal of options are accessible for people to brighten their teeth. In any case, without understanding the pros and cons of teeth whitening, it is hard to settle on a safe choice about whether to whiten.

What is teeth whitening?
Teeth whitening is a bleaching treatment that helps lighten up the shade of the teeth to make it look cleaner and healthier. It might be performed through a take-home or an in-office procedure; and the results may vary depending on the way you chose, but it can make your teeth upto 8 shades lighter. Isn’t that amazing!

Why do we need teeth whitening?
The pellicle, a thin covering on the enamel of the teeth after chewing, gets stained due to the food and drinks that we consume. The enamel additionally has pores that holds the stains. The common causes of teeth discoloration can be :

a). Excess of coffee, cola, wine, etc
b). Chewing and smoking tobacco.
c).Poor oral hygiene

a). Medications ( like Tetracycline antibiotics)
b). Infection,
c). tooth injury (accidents/sports injury),
d). aging (enamel gets thinner & darker).

Factors to consider while choosing a teeth whitening method:-



What Are The Alternatives To Teeth Whitening?

When to avoid?

Dental problems to be treated before a teeth whitening procedure:

Things To Remember About Teeth Whitening-

Strategies to avoid teeth discoloration:

Professional teeth whitening is safe and yields lasting outcomes over at-home treatments. You can appreciate a brilliant grin throughout the entire year and will get all the more blast for your buck. You can also opt for this procedure to brighten your smile, feel healthier, and more confident. If you’ve been considering whitening your teeth, let the experts at LBR dental handle it for you.

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