The mouth is an indicator of a person’s overall health. Many diseases like diabetes and HIV are first recognized in the oral cavity. Truth be told, a dominant part of fundamental maladies have oral indications like mouth ulcers, dry mouth, and gum-related issues.

Our teeth and gums are significantly more critical to our well being than we realize. Just imagine our state when we won’t have any teeth. How will we bite crunchy vegetables, our favorite fruits and those tasty nuts, they also play a significant role in the appearance. Teeth are the fundamental piece of the skeletal framework and inappropriate care and steady negligence to oral cleanliness may cause cavities and even loosening of teeth from its socket.

Diet and nourishment play a major role in the oral wellbeing and can influence the turn of events and progression of oral issues like caries, periodontal illness, disintegration etc. Keeping up great oral health,especially during the COV pandemic, needs a little persistence, mindfulness and consideration. Eating an assortment of supplement rich nourishments from all the nutrition types promotes solid teeth and gums. A proper eating routine of fruits, vegetables, proteins, calcium-rich foods and whole grains ensures ideal oral health as well as general well being.

How nutrients help in dental health:

Nutrition and oral health have a bi-unique relationship.The impacts of malnutrition can be found in the oral structures in all phases of human development, right from conception to old age. The outcome of certain oral diseases may bargain the nourishment by influencing the intake and mastication especially in the elderly with caries, serious oral ulceration and progressed periodontal illness, leading to tooth loss.

It is evaluated that 15.8 million kids less than 18 years of age in the United States are unable to access nutritious food, vital for healthy growth & development. Also, overnutrition in the form of childhood obesity, especially among lower income groups is exacerbated by the dominance of more cariogenic foods. An examination led in Japan reported a relationship between body mass index (BMI) and increased risk of periodontal ailment among young adults. A bounty of cheap food, low quality, high sugar and basic starch-based eating regimens in lower pay neighborhoods, incline youngsters to the development of plaque, dental decay and caries. Proper oral health care, when started as early as possible, ensures good nutrition and oral hygiene into adolescence and adulthood.

We need proteins for development of tooth structure, mucosal and connective tissue along with immune function. We need vitamin D & calcium for enhancing enamel remineralization, vitamin C for collagen maturation and maintaining integrity of periodontal ligament. While low levels of folate may lead to periodontal diseases, excess of “vitamin A” may cause gum problems. Apart from these, we also need Iron, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, phosphorus and other minerals for healthy teeth & gums.

A diet high in starchy staple foods, fruit and vegetables,low in free sugars and fat is recommended globally for healthy teeth and gums.

World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for sugar intake, which recommends that free sugars be less than 10% of total energy intake,

Apart from eating these nutritionally rich foods, smart snacking can also keep your mouth fit as a fiddle. Fight the temptation to nibble habitually — the more frequently you eat, particularly after dinners, the more acid attacks your teeth face. Pick your snacks astutely. Do without sweet treats, for example, in place of a candy pick raw vegetables, fruits, plain yogurt.

The connection between great oral wellbeing and nutrition is certain and complex. It is necessary for us to make deliberate endeavors to connect the two interconnected regions of wellbeing, especially now when staying healthy has become a challenge. Increased efforts to spread awareness regarding a nutritional approach towards oral health are needed among all the age groups that will guarantee sound bodies and wide toothy grins for years to come!

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