Benefits Of Dental Implants Over Bridges And Removable Dentures

For some, dental health means the world to them and for others, a dental cleaning is like an everyday ritual. Either way, the common emotion between both practices is the love for their teeth. According to a research paper published in NCBI, 16.3% of the people are affected with missing teeth and this was recorded as the most frequent anomaly.

How are the missing teeth replaced? What are the best and affordable options available? Are you considering dentures over implants? This article aims to be very informative and will give a detailed brief about the benefits of dental implants over bridges and removable dentures.

Introduction to dental implants, bridges and removable dentures
Dental Implants: These are titanium root screws that go in the jawbone to replace the missing or damaged teeth. The screws hold the implants and crowns in place. They act like real teeth as they are firmly held in place by the screws implanted in the jaw bone.

Bridges: As the name suggests, bridges are false teeth that are placed in the space of the missing tooth using the neighbouring teeth on either side of the gap. They were used as status symbols when they were first launched as many preferred having their bridges made of gold. They can be made from a variety of other materials also, including porcelain as it blends well aesthetically with the natural set of teeth.

Dentures: If one has more than one missing teeth, then dentures could be the most common option for replacement. 

There are two types of dentures: 

  1. Conventional ones- that fit directly over the gums and 
  2. Implant-supported dentures- which are attached by metal posts to connect the set of missing teeth. These are removable and are not-to-be worn while sleeping in the night. 

Benefits of dental implants over bridges and removable dentures:

Let’s read about the factors which make dental implants a better choice compared to bridges and removable dentures: 

Aesthetics: If any dental works could come closest to resembling or mimicking natural teeth then its dental implants. They do not get noticed and are very convincing as a real tooth. Dental implants feel, function, and look like the rest of your teeth and the only difference is that they are surgically placed. 

Bone strength: Dental implants do not harm the strength, intensity, or structure of the jaw bone in any way. They do not de-contour the face nor do cause any time of swelling on the face. 

Durability: Dental implants have an impressive success rate of over 90% which was concluded after referring more than thousand of implant patients and their experiences. These implants are expected to last a lifetime and have only initial years of maintenance. Dental implants are high on durability and strength and do not break easily like dentures or bridges. The titanium screw post which is used to fuse the tooth crown to the jaw bone is biocompatible and doesn’t rust nor does it cause any rotting or disturbance to the surrounding bone areas. Implants have placed prosthesis solution of ultra-strong foundation as such on a high pedestal in terms of service and use. 

Stability: Dental implants have been known to accompany anyone life-long if taken well care of. They behave and look like part of the existing natural set of teeth. They can be brushed and flossed as well and the surface of the tooth will not erode on such impacts. Dentures or bridges very often fall out of place on the slightest pressure and often cause embarrassment. Dental implants never slip or fall out of place, ever.

Budget: If one is looking for cost-effective solutions then dental implants work out well, as they don’t tear or tire easily, they require less maintenance over the years. Initially, the implants may feel like they are expensive but looking at it as a long-term investment will help dilute that emotion. Dentures and bridges need replacement every few years, but the longest one person can go without replacement is dental implants and, they come with a lifetime warranty. 

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