Are you considering going to India for economical dental care, due to the non-affordability of dental care in your native country? Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular among Americans and Canadians. There are opportunities to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the treatment of dental implants, veneers, bridges and bleaching.

Oral and dental health is part of health care, and any malfunction in this aspect requires adequate advice and care to restore dental hygiene and personal well-being. If a person has any missing teeth, he may have to compromise on the nutrition intake and even social involvement.

Dental implants, have been an innovation in the field of dentistry and is a permanent solution to treat tooth loss. Of late many people are considering dental implants as they are more comfortable, effective and safe than the conventional dentures

LBR Dental Implants in India aim, with this guide is to answer the most frequently asked questions about dentistry abroad. You can then later make a more informed decision about whether you want to receive implants, veneers, or other treatments abroad.

Before we talk about the cost of dental implants in India, let us discuss what dental implants are, benefits of dental implants, factors that affect the dental implants cost in India, Dental Implant Surgery in India and why to consider dental implants in India.

Are looking for the best dental tourism destination when traveling from the US, Canada or other foreign countries, read on to get information about LBR Dental implant in India and one of the most popular travel destinations. We also share some considerations and precautions to help you with the cost-saving during dental implants and maximize your trip.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made up of titanium used in dentistry to support tooth-like restorations. All dental implants today are endosseous implants with root forms, i.e. they resemble actual tooth roots and are placed in the bone. The jaw bone accepts and osseo integrates with titanium, to provide a solid foundation for the replaced tooth.

Advantages of Getting Dental Implants at LBR Dental implants India?

Dental implants offer many benefits. This is a permanent solution for replacing lost teeth,They fit more comfortably and naturally, which can increase your self-esteem. Comfort is another great benefit because it doesn’t have to be removed, cleaned, or stored. They also improve oral health by facilitating cleansing between teeth and do not require modifications to the closest healthy teeth.

Dental tourism in India

Dental clinics in India are more accessible than in other Western European countries such as Britain or Ireland. Obtaining dental treatments like Dental Implantation and Veneers can be quite overpriced in countries like the US, Canada and other European countries.This is encouraging an increasing number of people to opt for Dental tourism in India, where they can save 60 to 70 % of their savings.

Getting treatments done abroad at cheaper price does not mean that they are compromising on the trait or the standard.The quality of duty displayed here is on par with many of the hospitals in developed countries, they offer state of the art infrastructure with super specialised doctors who are experienced and well equipped to tackle any kind of emergency and unlike in few European countries you need not have to wait for a prolonged time for your turn to come,But still the treatment cost is reasonable here because of the

And what’s more, most of the patients get the treatment done in conjunction with a vacation as India is known for its diverse culture and Historical places along with excellent beaches and mountain terrain in the extreme north.

Benefits of dental tourism

  1. Reasonable pricing.
  2. Quality service.
  3. Convenience, as there are many direct flights connections major cities of India.

Patients can use the savings from obtaining the treatment here in India and also savour a vacation and still pocket some money in comparison to acquiring work done in their native country

Medical tourism offers dental implant surgery at LBR Dental Implants in India at an affordable price. Many people come here every year for dental implant treatment and also enjoy their holidays in India. Dental implant surgery at LBR Dental Implants in India is available at affordable prices.

Dental Implantation is an expensive procedure that involves various treatments and associated costs. The cost of dental implants depends on many factors, right from involving doctors, hospital infrastructure, treatment complications, quality and brand implants used, etc. We provide you with some of the reasons for cost variations in dental implants in India

In India, LBR Dental Implants offers dental surgery at affordable cost without compromising on the quality of the procedure or its treatment. Because of the low exchange rates in India, many international patients prefer India as the best medical tourism destination for dental implant surgery.

Factors That Affect the Cost of the treatment with in India

The particular dentist/surgeon’s Education Qualification Experience and Popularity

Dental implant surgery must be carried out by experienced dentists, and we at LBR Dental and Implant Center have highly experienced Implantologists, Dr. K.A. Reddy, B.D.S., M.D.S., and Dr. Sharada Reddy and Dentists of other specialisation like Prosthetics, Orthodontics, Periodontics and Oral surgery.

Dr. K. A. Reddy has a high percentage of experience and success, and his areas of interest include immediate loading of dental implants, full mouth permanent teeth, maxillary and mandibular implants,tubero pterygoid implants and zygomatic implants at affordable prices.

Hospital Infrastructure

Dentists at the LBR dental clinic provides the first-class infrastructure with advanced equipment and best digital diagnostic laboratories.They follow international standards and maintain electronic patient records for all patients.

At LBR Dental Hospitals India, we have invested in infrastructure, especially for patient care equipment and other advanced care facilities, including tools, dental radiology equipment, world-class dental treatment, with equipment to sterilize the diagnostic tools.

Equipped with Modern Technology

One of the best hospitals in India for dental implants, LBR Dental Implant and Center run by certified implantologists and experienced doctors. The clinic has advanced facilities and high-quality equipment for all dental procedures available at affordable prices.

Types of material

There are several brands of implants available. Doctors at LBR, prefer Swiss make Single piece basal implants and Noris, two piece Implants, because of user-friendliness, company support in providing parts, previous experience.The pricing also depends on the type of artificial crown attached to the implant, metal fused ceramic or Zirconia.(for example the crown made up of procera is more expensive than the porcelain with the metal crown).

Depends Upon the Number of Teeth Replaced and visits to Hospital:

There is no patient with the same dental implant procedure,treatment depends on the condition of the gum and jaw bone. Therefore, the number of appointments, processes, and prices for dental implants varies from person to person.

If Any Bone Augmentation if Needed:

There is no patient with the same dental implant procedure,treatment depends on the condition of the gum and jaw bone. Therefore, the number of appointments, processes, and prices for dental implants varies from person to person.

If the jawbone is fragile, and the implant cannot be adjusted, surgical intervention is needed to increase bone volume.

For doing bone augmentation surgical procedure, such as the sinuses grafts, nerve repositioning ECT are used. This surgical procedure is performed by specialists who are well trained in the procedure.

Depends Upon the Bone Grafting Material Used

Bone grafts are synthetic or natural and are used to enlarge the jaw bone that lacks the implant’s place. They are expensive and are calculated based on quantity. Sometimes, when a large amount of bone is needed, the bone is removed from the patient’s own body.

Type of Anesthesia Used During Surgery:

Local anesthesia and outpatient procedures are cheaper than procedures with general anesthesia. For general anesthesia procedures, patients must be hospitalized, and there are additional costs for using the operation theater using the services of an anesthetist, anesthesia medicines, etc.LBR also provides Nitrous oxide sedation for apprehensive patients.

Why Consider India for Dental Implants?

Because qualitative and quantitative procedures done in India, dental tourism is increasing (maybe growing faster than dentistry and tourism in Thailand, Hungary, Poland, Dubai, and Turkey) day by day. In India, dental clinics provide creative, expert dentist, and high-quality service with excellent results. As a dental tourist, dental patient can get cheap and best offers in dental surgery and tourism in India, including hotel accommodation, tourist attractions, etc. So we have a growing number of dental tourists, who visit India and return back with new confidence and an attractive smile at an affordable budget.

In India, the LBR Dental Implant has the latest equipment and infrastructure. LBR team offers airport transfers for the patients and also hotel accommodation on request. They also provide complimentary Diagnostic services on their arrival along with the city tour.

How many International Dental Implant patients came to LBR Dental implant India?

The reason why the large number of international patients traveling to LBR Dental implants India for dental implantation from various countries is because of high-quality health care in India affordable price, food, tourism opportunities, zero language barriers.

Even if you are looking for a price range, in your budget, don’t forget that prices are just one of many variables to consider. Always choose a qualified and experienced surgeon who provides the best treatment and has a trained support team. Dental implant surgery offers long-lasting and natural-looking results like healthy teeth. Make sure your health and safety are in capable hands. If you need more information about our services, please contact us by mobile or text on WhatsApp at +91 9849008623 and Book your appointment now!

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