If you are facing uncertainty over the choice of tooth replacement between, Dental Bridge and Dental Implant, You should be informed about both the procedures before making the right choice.

What is a Dental Bridge:

Dental bridging means a bridge attaching the gap between one or more missing teeth to the healthy surrounding teeth. Usually, the bridge is made up of two or more crowns. The abutment teeth referred to as anchoring teeth and pontics known as false teeth that remain in between the gaps. There are several kinds of dental bridges to help you heal the gap in between your teeth. They can make your smile more beautiful.

The types of bridges are as follows:

1. Maryland Bonded Bridges:

This bridge is made up of metal. In this procedure, the dentist connects the front end of this metal framework to the porcelain tooth. These metal wings are arranged to have a porous surface so that they can receive a connecting agent and these bridge wings are attached to the rear side of the teeth.

2.Traditional Bridges:

Traditional bridging is the most regularly used procedure wherein the natural teeth lying on either side of the missing teeth will be reduced circumferentially to accommodate a crown on them to which the teeth are attached. These are the metal bridges synthesized with porcelain/ceramics.

3.Cantilever Bridges:

When there is presence of natural teeth on only one end, like in the case of replacement of distal most tooth of the arch, then cantilever bridges are the only option.

Dental Bridges Pros and Cons:


  1. Easy Process to do: Dental bridges do not require any surgery.
  2. Affordable: Compare to the Implantation process, Dental bridges are an inexpensive dental procedure to replace teeth.


  1. Periodical Replacement: For every 5-7 years these Dental bridges need to be replaced.
  2. The main disadvantage with this process is that the life of the bridge depends on the supporting teeth,longer span of the bridge, increases the forces on the supporting teeth making them more vulnerable to biting forces leading to tooth loosening and ultimately failure of the bridge..
  3. Will have to prepare the healthy adjacent teeth by scraping off the enamel to act as abutments.

What is Dental Implantation:

Dental implants are titanium posts surgically placed in the jaw to support a missing tooth or teeth.The best option for the people who have lost their teeth due to some reason or have to be extracted. In the titanium dental implant, the piece of titanium will act as root and support the crown. If it is a two piece conventional implant then in a couple of months, this titanium piece will merge into the jawbone, and an abutment will attach the post-frame. This rooting process is also known as osseointegration. It sticks out above the gum line of a cemented dental crown.If it is a single piece Basal implant then the tooth or the prosthesis can be loaded immediately after implantation.


  1. Jawbone Protection: Dental implants will Clear all the open space in your mouth where the damaged tooth or missed tooth was there.This Dental Implant process help to prevent bone loss.
  2. No Stress On Teeth: Dental implant will not have any impact on the adjacent teeth unlike the Dental Bridges.
  3. Looks Natural: This Dental implant process makes you more comfortable and stronger than the Bridges. They make your smile more beautiful.
  4. Less Maintenance: Dental implantation with high quality can give you a lifetime service, and it also less on maintenance.
  5. Implants avoid bone resorption, promote bone formation, thereby maintaining healthy facial contours


  1. Most expensive: This dental implantation is more expensive compared to Bridges to start with but, it does not require any periodic replacement, there by bringing the implantation cost to almost the same as the bridges.
  2. Time duration:Similar to dental bridges,prosthesis can be fixed in three days.
  3. Surgery: Simple surgery which can be performed under local anaesthesia without any complications if performed by an experienced implantologist.


Dental problems vary between any two individuals,so as the treatment procedures, the remedy has to be designed accordingly.

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