Tooth loss is an emotionally painful experience that demands for a quick replacement, and should be made a priority.

Dental Implantation

Dental Implantation is a procedure where a missing tooth root is replaced with a titanium post, which in turn will support a crown or a bridge that looks and functions like natural teeth. An excellent alternative to dental bridges where in the adjacent teeth are reduced circumferentially to support a crown or a bridge on them or also in cases where the adjacent teeth are not healthy enough to support a bridge or when the patient is completely edentulous.

If due to some reason, a person did not undergo replacement of lost teeth immediately after extraction, they can still opt for it even after a few years but there are few criteria to be fulfilled, depending on the implant system they choose( Conventional two piece implants/Single piece Basal implants)

Quality and quantity of the supporting bone: Bone needs stimulation to maintain its
bulk, which is provided by the tooth root and once the tooth is lost,the bone starts to recede,that is the reason why people using removable dentures have an aged appearance when compared to people with their natural teeth or people with fixed teeth on Implants.

Implants can be placed even years after tooth extraction but,Conventional Implants require procedures like Bone grafting and Sinus lifting procedures for replacement of teeth , if there is not much bone left.

Basal implants can be placed in any bony circumstances as they rely on quality of bone rather than quantity, these implants are placed in the basal bone which is present in all.

The amount of space left: Teeth generally have a tendency to drift towards the vacant space created by the missing teeth, it can be either into the same arch or supra erupt into the opposing arch,so the amount of space left for the tooth to be replaced also plays a significant role.In partial replacements, the amount of available space is very crucial.

Dental Implant Years After Extraction At LBR Dental Implants:

Basal implants, as the name suggests are anchored into Basal bone , this bone is present in all the patients at the base of the Alveolar bone,which holds the teeth. Alveolar bone will be lost due to lack of stimulation from the tooth roots after extraction but the Basal bone will remain intact irrespective of the number of years prior the teeth have been extracted or the amount of infection in the surrounding tissues. Basal bone remains free from infection and are resorption free, therefore these implants are suggested in any patient irrespective of his health status and habits like smoking.This implant system advocates Immediate loading.

Conventional dental implants are a two piece system where the root and the tooth component are different entities and are joined by a tiny screw.This system requires a good bone for placement and delayed loading if not, procedures like bone augmentation and sinus lift procedures are undertaken to improve the bone height and then the implants are placed after the surgical site is healed, that is after 6 to 8 months.

Benefits of Dental Implants over Dentures

Dental implants replace lost teeth. There are several advantages, including:

To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants after years of extractions visit a dentist at LBR Dental & Implant center you can get important information about your oral health. We will give you a choice of what dental procedures are best for you. To arrange a consultation with our specialists please contact us on +91- 9989488623.

Schedule Consultations for Dental Implants

We recommend planning two or three consultations with well qualified and experienced dental implant surgeons, who specialize in dental implants procedure and restorations.


Dental implants can be placed successfully, immediately or years after extraction, If you are interested in getting dental implants done, you can discuss this with our specialist at LBR Dental Implant center.For further information you can whatsapp on +91 9849008623 or email us

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