If you have lost all your teeth, your dentist might replace them using techniques like full mouth bridge implantation or complete denture on implants. The dental implant procedure is the best way to permanently replace your damaged teeth which look and feel like natural teeth. LBR dental and implant center, considered among the best dental implant centers in Hyderabad, provides full mouth dental implants which can be loaded immediately in three days.

Accuracy is the key to success and LBR dental clinic has the most experienced dental implant specialists in Hyderabad, to treat all your dental problems and help in making your smile more desirable.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium post placed under the gum line in a jawbone, to enable the dentist to replace a new tooth or a bridge. The titanium post will act as a root and support the crown.

What is an Immediate loading implant?

Immediate processing, otherwise known as Immediate Function, involves placing a restore within 48 hours of placing the implant. It can be extended if enough primary stability is obtained–this is known as immediate provisionalization for single-tooth restoration — the technique developed in response to the increasing demand of patients for quicker care and faster time-to-teeth.

Diagnosis and Testing:

A complete fixation of permanent fixed teeth needs several strategically placed implants in the jaw. The jaw bone quantity and quality will be assessed using Cbct scans. The jaw bone quality will ultimately determine the number of implants and implantation techniques suitable for the treatment, as well as your new teeth’ material and reconstructive type.

Here is the list of medical tests for Dental implants:

The main types of full arch dental implants:

  1. Full mouth-fixed, implant-supported bridges.
  2. Implant retained overdentures.
  3. All on 4 concepts.
  4. All on 6 concepts.

Full mouth fixed, implant-supported bridge: In dental implant-supported bridges, implants serve as new tooth roots over which dental bridges are cemented.If properly executed this treatment serves for a lifetime, patients can have a new set of teeth identical to their natural teeth, the difference being that teeth are on titanium posts rather than tooth roots. A full arch-fixed implant bridge is the closest to natural teeth and will act like natural teeth over time. These can get you the convenience and natural appearance of a whole array of natural teeth.

Advantages with Full arch dental implant bridges:

Implant retained overdentures: It is a full fixed denture supported by implants, These are very efficient especially in lower jaws as lower removable dentures are difficult to manage. This mode of treatment requires less number of implants than the full mouth bridges fixed on implants, therefore reducing the treatment cost.

Advantages of Implant retained overdentures:

All on 4 concepts: The All on 4 dental implants is a groundbreaking cost-effective treatment, which helps to replace all your teeth on four implants, in each jaw. This treatment is for patients who are suffering from less bone volume and are unable to undergo the implantation process. The All on 4 implantation treatment makes full use of the bone in the anterior segment, the posterior two implants are placed at an angulation of 45 ° to reduce the cantilever length of the prosthesis.

Advantages of all on 4 treatments:

All on 6 concept
This is similar to All on 4 concepts, the only difference being the number of Implants,in this technique 6 Implants are placed in each arch instead of 4 for increased stability.

Cost of Dental implants in India:
It depends upon the number of teeth and the severity of the damage. Dental implants cost in Hyderabad, India may vary depending on the type of implantation treatment.

Dental problems vary from person to person and therefore, the treatment plan has to be customized according to the situation and the patient requirement. Depending on the situation and severity, the approach and the procedures may vary. LBR dental implant center provides affordable dental implants in Hyderabad. Dental surgeons at the LBR clinic restore your beautiful natural smile and boost your self-confidence.

The doctors at our center are globally trained and suggest conservative and affordable treatment options for all the dental ailments, they use the latest technology with a wide variety of FDA approved implant options. They will help you take complete care of your teeth.

Restore your beautiful natural smile, and boost your self-confidence now.

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About LBR Dental Implants:

LBR dental implants provide world-class implant solutions, from one of the best endodontists and certified implant dentist, Dr K.A. Reddy and Sharada Reddy.

The doctors are globally trained and suggest conservative and affordable treatment options for all dental ailments. Doctors at our center use the latest technology and a wide variety of FDA approved implant options.

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