Are you suffering from tooth loss?

Natural tooth loss occurs due to tooth decay or injury or with any other medical causes. It can be a traumatic experience for some. For years, bridges and dentures were the only solutions for people who have lost teeth.

But that has changed!

Dental implants are considered the best alternative for dentures today. The results are excellent. If you have missing teeth, it can cause a negative impact on other teeth and ultimately the overall oral health.

The sooner you visit a dentist to get more information about dental implants and everything related to them, the better the results will be. After dental implants, It is essential to have proper oral hygiene to achieve optimal healing and excellent results. Even though the long-term care of dental implants is not much different from the natural teeth, it is always a good idea to ask a list of questions when you go to the dentist for dental implants.

In this blog, LBR Dental Implants offers instructions to follow post dental implant treatment.

At LBR Dental Implant, we provide comprehensive postoperative instructions to all our patients to retain their dental implants and keep their new smiles healthy and radiant. If you pay attention to your dental investment, your smile will stay healthy and shine for years to come.

Here are some tips to follow to take care of your oral health after dental implants:

Use Soft Nylon Brush While Brushing:

We highly recommend that you brush twice a day to remove bacterial plaque with a soft nylon toothbrush. You can also use a manual or electric toothbrush. However, make sure that the fur is soft and flexible to clean the surface of your crown and implant gently. You can use a nylon toothbrush to clean the gap between your teeth and the inaccessible area around your implant and crown. Use a clean nylon toothbrush without metal wires to avoid scratches on the surface of your implant or crown. Remember to clean each tooth surface thoroughly.

Toothpaste and Dental Products:

Any toothpaste of your choice can be used to clean your teeth.Try using mild cleaning products to avoid discomfort.

Daily Flossing:

There are many types of dental floss in the market, and several varieties have been developed specifically for dental implant users. Daily flossing is essential to prevent plaque formation at the location of each implant.

Try to floss at least once. Floss is the only way to get rid of stuck food particles in between teeth so, use a quality dental floss to avoid the formation of bacteria. Care at the time of flossing is essential to prevent tooth or gum damage.

Don’t Eat very hard Food:

Very hard food like nuts and bones should be avoided. Regular food can be taken without any hesitation.

Usage of Gum Stimulator:

Stimulants help strengthen gum tissue, increase circulation and oxygen circulation in the area while massaging the gums, reducing bleeding and inflammation.

Avoid Drinking Or Smoking:

Smoking is contradicted in conventional two-piece implantology, which slows down the healing process,but smoking is not an issue with basal implantology as the Implants take anchorage of the basal bone which is highly mineralized and is devoid of infection.

Make Regular Follow Up with Dentist:

Schedule periodic visits to the dentist for regular clean-ups is one of the best ways to ensure that all dental implants are clean and do their work efficiently.


Proper dental implant care is an essential part of ensuring the implant’s lifetime is extended. This implant is considered a permanent fixation, and therefore, you need to take care of your teeth. If you have questions about dental implant treatment, make an appointment as soon as you want at LBR Dental Implants.

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