Mrs. Suguna has faced many ordeals due to her impending dental problems, she consulted many specialists over a period of 2 years but always ended up with a temporary treatment solution. She finally approached Dr.K.A.Reddy of LBR Dental & Implant center at her friend’s suggestion.

After undergoing certain preliminary tests, she had been diagnosed with chronic suppurative periodontitis with few root stumps and missing teeth in the upper and the lower arches. She was suggested to undergo full-arch replacement on Basal Implants in the upper arch and bridges in the lower arch since her remaining teeth in the lower arch were sound. Dr. K A Reddy at LBR, performed basal Implants, which gain anchorage at the basal cortical portion of the jaw bone providing a solid foundation for the implants, over which metal fused ceramic bridges were cemented in three days.

It has been six months now, and Mrs. Suguna is very pleased with the final outcome which has given her better aesthetics and is also able to chew properly providing superior health benefits.
We at LBR dental and Implant center assure you the best affordable Immediate loading implants in India, You can get your fixed teeth on Implants in three days.



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