A dental implant is a small titanium post placed at the missing tooth site. The implant gets cemented with a realistic crown that resembles a natural tooth. This advanced prosthetic option offers many advantages over conventional methods such as dentures and bridges.

Full mouth implants have proven to be a fantastic solution for lost teeth that require replacement. If you have lost all of your teeth, a dentist might offer many alternatives for a complete dental replacement solution, with fixed teeth on Implants being the best of all. Although full mouth implants are considered more expensive than the other options, it is still recommended as, it is a one-time investment, unlike other treatment options which have to be repeated periodically which brings the final cost of these alternative methods to almost the same as the full mouth implants.

Below is a brief overview of the many other reasons why you should choose full-mouth implant overdentures.

Reasons to Choose Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants Improve Comfort and Stability:

Increased comfort and stability are one of the best reasons to choose a full-mouth dental implant. The implant is attached directly to the jawbone by a process known as osseointegration, which allows considerable stability. The comfort offered by dental implants makes them the optimal choice for replacing a complete set of teeth. Besides, this increased comfort serves as a long-term solution that withstands the test of time. Many patients enjoy dental implants for their lifetime.

Provides Permanent Solution That You Want:

It makes no sense to remove and keep dentures every day. Dental implants are a permanent solution for patients who are looking to get their teeth replaced. A dentist attaches a dental implant to your jawbone and connects the crown which makes you enjoy teeth that are entirely safe and natural. A full mouth dental implant treatment is planned individually based on each patient’s jaw bone status. It is a permanent solution, so you don’t have to worry about using adhesives or removing implants for other denture options.

Dentures cannot provide a permanent solution as dental implants, for tooth loss. Dentures and even bridge structures may need to be replaced over time, while dental implants can be part of your jaw and, with proper care can last a lifetime. You will not find a better value in the long run than the dental implants offered by your cosmetic dentist at LBR Dental Implants.

Full Mouth Dental Implants only Require Maintenance Like Natural Teeth:

Dental implants are often described as solutions to oral health that are placed and then forgotten. The implant is attached directly to the jawbone. You don’t need to remove the dental implant like dentures to clean. Besides, no maintenance or repair is required, as it often happens with other denture options.

In contrast, dental implants can be treated like healthy teeth. Brush your teeth with a regular toothpaste twice a day, and floss it every day, You don’t have to use creams or glues, or even soak them overnight as you do with dentures. Remember to follow your oral hygiene to prevent gum disease. It can help your dental implants last a lifetime.

It is another good reason to choose dental implants as they are effortless to maintain. Dental implant treatment is no different from other natural dental procedures.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Are Like Your Natural Teeth:

As your natural teeth have roots with which they get anchored in your jawbone. Dental implants also work the same way. Titanium implants fuse with the bones, so they stay safe in the mouth without worrying about slipping. As a result, the teeth in your mouth feel very natural and secure. They are also indistinguishable from your other teeth. You can eat, talk and smile in the same way as with your natural teeth.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Prevents Bone Loss:

When someone loses teeth, bone loss occurs in the missing site due to lack of stimulation. Bones are living tissue that requires constant stimulation to stay healthy and recover. When a tooth is lost, the bone begins to melt underneath, which can cause a person’s face to droop and give an aged appearance than they actually are, because dental implants blend with the bone and stabilize it, they stop bone loss. No denture option can offer this great advantage.

Additional Advantages of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants look and function like healthy teeth, one can apply pressure like natural teeth which allows adequate chewing and proper digestion of food. Most importantly, full-mouth dental implants may not make you self-conscious. You can open your mouth without a doubt in the company of others because you can entirely rely on them.


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