Having researched the internet for the best Dental Implant Surgeon and Prices I have decided to come here to the city of Hyderabad to Dr. K. A. Reddy at LBR DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER. For several years prior I was familiar with dental implant procedures and prices in MEXICO COSTARICH, ROMANIA, HUNGARY, and some other places that offer dental implants. Out of all, I have concluded that 3-day dental implants at LBR are the best option and cost-effective as well. Dr. K A REDDY has established a good name and reputation among foreign travelers.

I was ready to fly to Mexico for the implants because it is close to home. Having already booked my flight and hotel I have canceled my trip to Mexico and came to India because I did not find any other country offering 3-day dental implants. I was very much impressed with the technical confidence of DR. Reddy and within 3 days implantation was done successfully.

I want to thank Dr. Reddy for a great job he is a generous man. He is an action man as does the job with great interest and detail. Dr. Reddy is a man of integrity and professionalism with a Clean Cabinet, and he is very Detail Oriented. I am very happy with the work he did and I encourage others and my friends to come to him.

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