I lost all my teeth early and have been struggling with removable dentures for many years. I have done extensive research on the internet and looked at dentists in many countries for my full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants. Most of the dentists denied treating my dental problem because of poor bone quality. However, few dentists agreed for consulting and asked me to travel to their centre for a consultation as they were not sure of the treatment plan.

Later I contacted Dr Reddy, and he was the only person who was pretty sure about the treatment plan. He clarified all queries like the number of implants, the cost factor, and the time it takes. I even contacted a few clients treated by Dr Reddy, who got similar treatment, and they were delighted with the way he treated me, then I decided to travel all the way to Hyderabad in India. But flying to another country seemed scary, and I was also bothered about my personal safety, but Dr Reddy assured me about the safety and took good care of me. They even arranged accommodation in Hyderabad.

The centre’s staff received me at the airport and took me to the hotel. Later they took me for checkups like a CT scan, and preoperative consultation was done, and an operation was scheduled for the next day.

Full mouth reconstruction took a few hours which was not an easy thing, but Dr Reddy’s way of behaviour made it quite comfortable. Finally, my full mouth dental rehabilitation was successful, and it is a life-changing experience. Dr Reddy is really an exceptionally skilled dental surgeon, a very kind and gentle person; the staff at the clinic are very obedient. At last, I am going back with a new smile that l longed for, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Reddy and his team for any kind of dental problems.

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