The most frequently asked question we hear from patients is: “How do we know when an implant fails?”

The following are the few symptoms that can be observed :

If you suspect implant failure, we always recommend you to visit your dentist. The good news is that failure of dental implants is very unlikely as It is one of the most successful and predictable operations in dentistry today.

But with proper treatment and care Implant failures can be avoided. Dental implant surgery is a very complicated process. It requires a high level of skill and extensive experience especially when it comes to the full mouth replacement performed by a doctor. If dental implants fail, specialized training is needed to handle these cases and determine the best treatment options.

However, it’s good to know some of the common causes that will lead to implant failure.

Let us see!

What Causes Implant Failure?

Dental implants work like natural teeth and routine care like brushing, flossing, and periodic cleaning by a dental professional will help one avoid any failures associated with them. Although rare, the causes of dental implant failure are:

Other reasons are:


Before undergoing a dental implant, discuss with your dentist the risk factors that can limit the success of your implant. Good oral hygiene is also key to avoiding implant problems. Brushing and rinsing twice a day with an antibacterial mouthwash can help keep gums healthy.

If you are still experiencing some issues with the implants, you now have the knowledge to overcome and correct the problem. Contact LBR Dental Implant at 098490 08623  for free online consultation

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