Replacing missing teeth with fixed teeth on dental implants is the best step forward towards the well-being of one’s teeth, surrounding structures, and also overall health in general. A dental implant can give you a fresh start by giving you the most natural-looking teeth.

This article gives you information about what you can do to recover quickly after dental implant placement.

Understanding Dental Implants:

Dental Implants are Titanium posts inserted in the jaw bone to support a replacement tooth or teeth, they can be of two varieties, Two-piece conventional implant which can be immediate or delayed loading, or a Single piece Basal implant which is immediate loading.

Two-piece implant

The implant consists of two to three parts: implants, abutment, and final crowns or prostheses. The implant acts as a new root that binds into your jaw and forms a healthy anchor for your future crown/prosthesis. An abutment is screwed to the top of the implant so that a connection can be made with the prosthesis in the future, this system can be immediate or delayed loading, given below is the general recommendation for what to anticipate during delayed loading.

The healing period will be influenced by the number of implants placed and healing also varies from person to person depending on the quality of jaw bone, pain tolerance, and the simplicity or complexity of the procedure performed.

It usually takes about four months for the implant to heal completely during a process called Osseointegration, where the bone grows and adapts to the surface of the implant. A second surgery will be essential to fix the abutment, over which gum will be allowed to heal, followed by crown fixation. This entire procedure might take up to 6 to 8 months.
Proper care is a prerequisite to minimize the discomfort during the recovery phase and also for the success of the implants.


Although the surgical procedure will be painless, one can expect Mild to moderate discomfort during the first 1-3 days after surgery, usually it will take 5 to 7 days for all the symptoms to subside.

Recovery Tips after dental implant surgery:

Modify your diet during recovery after dental surgery:

Any food that one can eat comfortably is suitable to eat, post-surgery. Ideally, a soft diet that does not require chewing like, smoothies, juices, etc. can be taken. Avoid taking a hot and tangy diet. At the same time, take care to have nutritious food. Implantation sites can be a potential source of infection when you are recovering, avoid food impaction in the gaps present. Eat foods rich in protein and calcium (e.g. Broccoli, eggs, protein shakes).

Avoid physical exertion

Rest is perhaps the most important advice we have on how to support your healing process. Physical activity immediately after the surgery can lead to complications. Also, skip the gym and avoid strenuous exercise for at least three days after surgery.

Avoid Smoking:

Smoking or chewing tobacco can not only cause cancer but can also lead to complications during your healing process. Smoking complicates your healing process as your body will not get enough oxygen to recover If you smoke after dental implant surgery, there is a risk of delayed healing and it may also lead to the failure of the procedure.

Smoking can also hamper the gum growth around the implant. Alcohol can also damage the healing tissue and its ability to heal. It is best to avoid alcohol for a minimum of two weeks after surgery.

Take all the medications and follow doctors advice:

You would need antibiotics and painkillers to get rid of infection, fasten the healing process and also reduce pain and discomfort.Follow your doctor’s prescription.

General Care:

Cold compress: You may experience bruising or swelling on your face, which is normal. Ice packs will help reduce it to some extent, It should be used for 10 minutes at a time, with breaks of 5 minutes in between, Do it for no less than six to eight hours.

Rinse with warm salt water: During the first week of recovery follow this mix, a glass of warm water with one teaspoon of salt. Rinse with this solution three times a day for seven days as it is very crucial to maintain oral hygiene to promote healing.

Keep brushing your teeth: Resume regular tooth brushing to prevent germs and bacteria from growing. Brush all teeth regularly, but avoid the implantation site to avoid irritation. In case of full mouth replacement, salt water gargling would suffice.

Look for signs of trouble:

Finally, one of the most important steps you can take to recover faster from a dental implant is to monitor and report if you face any problems to your dentist. Although normal swelling and bleeding can occur, contact your dentist immediately if the swelling continues, bleeding or pain becomes severe, or if you have fever.

Single or Two piece Immediate loading technique
Single piece implants, as the name suggests are a single entity, that is, the implant body and the abutment are fused to form a single entity. These Implants, and in some situations Two piece implants also, can be loaded immediately within three days, reducing the treatment time and also the recovery period as this procedure does not involve any complicated procedures like Sinus lift and Bone grafting.

Although the recovery steps like change in diet, Rest, Cold compress and medication remain the same during three days after surgery, Smoking and Alcohol are not contraindicated in Single piece therapy and the person can start taking his normal diet immediately after the fixation of the prosthesis, that is from day 4 onwards.


A crown on dental implant functions like a natural tooth, but it is essential to clean, floss, and rinse regularly and meet your dentist regularly for general cleaning, like you used to for your natural teeth.

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