Having no teeth is no fun. It’s uncomfortable and can be frustrating. Waiting for your new set of teeth for months together is just annoying. These reasons cause one to think of the Immediate loading of dental implants. Dental implants are an increasingly popular treatment for replacing missing teeth. They consist of titanium inserts, which are inserted into the jawbone and are used to support replacement teeth. Traditionally, the implant can take over several months to heal before the Bridges or prosthesis gets fixed over them.

Many people use dental implants. But sometimes the waiting time for a new one is uncomfortable. For this reason, immediate loading of dental implants is an excellent choice for many patients. At present, immediate loading is becoming more and more common as teeth are fixed within 3 days after implantation.

Thanks to the immediate loading dental implant technique, you will get aesthetically attractive permanent teeth in 3 days. You don’t have to wait for months together and undergo complicated surgical procedures. The function is retrieved immediately after the fixation of the prosthesis with dental care that looks natural and remains healthy. You can smile, eat, and speak immediately. This article, provided by LBR Dental Implants gives information about the immediate loading of dental implants.

Let’s look at this idea more closely …

What is Immediate loading Dental Implant?

Immediate dental implants are Basal Implants or Conservative two-piece implants that are inserted into the jaw bone as soon as the tooth has been removed, usually done in the same visit as tooth extraction. If a dental crown or bridge is placed on the dental implant immediately within three days, to restore the function, it is known as immediate loading.

The difference between an immediate loading implant and a delayed loading implant is the time it takes between implant placement and bridge fixation. With traditional implants, sometimes your dentist may want to wait for several weeks before placing a crown on the implant if the bone density is not proper, it might even take 3 to 8 months and the patient may have to undergo a sinus lift and bone augmentation procedures to build up bone, but in case of good bone density, even conventional implants can be loaded immediately but, Basal implants can always be loaded immediately as they take anchorage from the Basal bone which is present in all and is highly mineralized irrespective of infection.

A candidate who needs Immediate Loading implants?
Basal Implants can be placed in every person irrespective of systemic problems like high Blood pressure and diabetics and also in chronic smokers. They are not indicated only in people with IV Bisphosphonates. Conventional implants are contraindicated in Severe Diabetics and chronic smokers.

What is the Procedure?

1. Consultation and diagnostic tests:

Dental implants must be planned carefully. This process begins with the first consultation with the dentist you choose. You need to know your complete dental and medical history before you can carry out various diagnostic tests.

These tests include imaging, dental x-ray, and computed tomography. Data from this test must be analyzed because it is essential to assess the quality of the bones that surround the dental implant to determine the treatment plan, implant position and choose the right size.

Once your dentist has all this information, they can start planning the operation. Removal of the existing teeth which cannot be saved and Implant Placement under local anesthesia, followed by impression taking and bite registration. Temporary teeth will be delivered on the same day.

Metal try-in will be done on the second day to check for proper fitting of the prosthesis. Ceramic trial and fixation of the prosthesis will be carried out on the third day.

2. Care and maintenance:

The patient can start chewing immediately from the third day onwards and there is no special care required, regular brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush and oral prophylaxis( cleaning) by a dental professional once every six months is adequate.

Benefits of Immediate loading dental implants:

The healing cap forms soft tissue around the implant and prepares the site for a permanent crown.


Immediate loading dental implants are an innovation in the field of dentistry, they help regain patients’ self-esteem and confidence immediately without any waiting period, they also cost less as it avoids surgical treatments like Sinus lift and Bone grafts.

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