Traditionally, there was no reliable fixed solution for people who had lost all their teeth, and dentures were the only choice. Dentures become loose and uncomfortable as time passes by as the gums and jawbones shrink due to a lack of tooth roots. They can interfere with speech and also make it challenging to eat chewy or crunchy foods.

Dental implants revolutionized dental care for people without teeth, they offer long-term solutions that are stable to look, feel, and work like the original teeth. They replace the missing tooth root and fuse with the jawbone. Since they are integrated into the bone, they last for a lifetime.

This article provided by LBR Dental Implants provides an overview of Full arch dental implants.

What is Full arch implant restoration?

Full arch dental implant restoration is a procedure where titanium implants are placed in the jawbone. They serve as anchors for a fixed denture or a bridge, facilitating full rehabilitation in the event of tooth loss.

Difference between full arch implants and removable dentures?

Traditionally, The most common treatment option for replacing lost teeth are dentures. Dentures are a conventional solution,dentures are often uncomfortable to wear,will have food restrictions, forcing one to avoid hard or sticky foods. They also need to be cleaned every day and replaced every few years and do not prevent bone loss which usually happens after tooth loss due to lack of stimulation from the tooth roots.

Fixed replacement on implants

Upper arch replacement

Conventional Two piece implants: Complete bridge can be replaced on 4 to 6 Two piece implants and can be immediate loading or delayed loading depending on the bone quality and volume. If the bone quality is not good, procedures like Sinus lift and Bone grafting are undertaken and then implants will be placed and teeth loaded on them after a span of 6 to 8 months.

Single piece Basal implants: Eight to Ten single piece implants are placed including the Pterygoid implant (depending on the type of prosthesis as Zirconia Bridges cannot withstand a long span and therefore requires 10 implants)and teeth will be loaded immediately irrespective of bone quality as, these implants take support of the basal bone, which is present in all.

Full Lower arch replacement

Conventional implants: Four to six two-piece implants will be required for the lower arch replacement and procedures like Nerve repositioning and bone grafting will be required if the bone status is not proper and teeth replaced after 6 to 8 months. If the bone is good, immediate loading can be done.

Single piece basal implants: 8 to 10 implants will be required depending on the prosthesis and teeth can be loaded immediately, irrespective of the bone status because of the presence of basal bone which provides stable anchorage immediately after implant placement, facilitating immediate loading.

Full arch implant restorations are a great alternative that can give replacement teeth a stable natural look. Since they act as natural tooth roots, they feel much more natural while chewing and do not move in your mouth—Implants last a lifetime with proper care.

Who is suitable for full arch implants?

Dentists at LBR Dental implants, recommend this treatment in circumstances where all of your teeth are lost or are damaged beyond repair from gum disease and have to be removed.Any person with missing teeth is a suitable candidate for implantation irrespective of his health status and habits like Smoking.

The best way to find out the treatment plan and the suitable implant system, is to make an appointment with one of our dental implantologists.

What happens during the consultation?

During your first discussion about dental implants, LBR Dental Implant dentist will give you all the information about the procedure involved, the cost, and potential risk factors after going through diagnostic aids like OPG and CT scan.

What happens during the procedure?

Our dentist ensures that you understand what to expect during the full arch implantation procedure. As mentioned earlier the procedure can be immediate or delayed loading, depending upon the implant system one chooses, and the bone quality.

Complete restoration of full arch implants usually involves the following steps:


A complete set of teeth in an arch are replaced by Full arch dental implant treatment, it is a life Changing procedure and allows patients to smile and talk with confidence and eat the food of their choice.We are proud of our achievements and patient’s positive reaction, for further information one can opt for a free online consultation with Dr. K.A.Reddy on +91-9849008623.

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